Ptcl Packages

PTCL Packages

PTCL packages Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) no need for introduction. From the most important telephone service to the widest Internet connectivity network and now smart TVs, PTCL has taken it all by itself.

In case you didn’t already know, this is often the most important broadband internet provider within the country, providing amazing PTCL Packages 2022 PTCL packages are unlimited and are available with Wi-Fi and telephony option. during this post, you’ll also realize the PTCL bill & methods to try to PTCL complaint. The installation charges for PTCL baseball play (Telephone & Internet) or baseball play (Telephone, Internet, & Smart TV) are Rs. 5000 with tax included. Internet PTCL packages are great as long as you enjoy most of the services available. The unlimited Charji PTCL packages come for Rs.1999 per month with no hidden charges in the least. It includes all the taxes. Discover other Charji PTCL packages now. For the unlimited internet PTCL packages, Fair Usage Policy applies consistent with which you’ll only enjoy 150GB. Internet PTCL packages are great if you select the Charji device for connectivity. Paki packages give you all the details about PTCL packages and how to subscribe to PTCL packages.

PTCL Services to Explore


PTCL Internet Packages 2022

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is that the 57th largest telephone operating company in terms of total revenue generated which’s about 3.4 billion dollars. PTCL is that the largest broadband internet service provider in Pakistan, consistent with stats revealed within the year 2018 by PTA, PTCL holds about 2.4 million out of a total of 2.6 million fixed local line subscribers and approximately 105,000 annual wireless local loop subscribers. PTCL isn’t fully owned by the govt of Pakistan because it holds a serious portion i.e 62%, Etisalat owns 26% and 12% of the entire shares of PTCL are owned by the general public respectively. PTCL is providing its users with lightning-fast data rates and uninterrupted internet reference to no restriction on the number of downloads and uploads.

PTCL internet packages 2022 include PTCL DSL, EVO, and Charji devices for all applications and wishes. PTCL has many various monthly Ptcl internet packages 2022 that are specially designed to satisfy the wants of each person. From economy and budget packages to 100 Mbps unlimited internet packages they need to get it all.

PTCL currently operates in additional than 200 cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Sheikhupura, and is that the largest ADSL2+ landline internet provider within the country. Ptcl landline broadband services are available almost anywhere in Pakistan. Paki packages offer you details of all PTCL Internet Packages 2022 along with side prices. PTCL is that the largest internet services provider in Pakistan. it’s established it roots in additional than 2,000 cities and towns of Pakistan.

PTCL offers different Ptcl internet packages 2022 for various users’ needs. we’ll take a glance at all of PTCL internet packages 2022 so that you’ll choose the Ptcl internet package 2022 which suits you the foremost. a number of the Ptcl internet packages also include extra services sort as a landline, PTCL SmartLink App, and PTCL Smart TV. The PTCL Internet Packages 2022 offers 6 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 100 Mbps high-speed connection. These are PTCL broadband packages for home internet offering DSL and Fiber options. The PTCL Internet Packages 2022 offers 6 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 100 Mbps high-speed connection. These are PTCL broadband packages for home internet offering DSL and Fiber options. There is a spread of Ptcl internet packages 2022 available, and company or commercial customers can directly get in-tuned to possess their internet service installed as per the need. You can subscribe to any of the PTCL internet packages 2022 by calling the PTCL toll-free number 0800 8 0800.

PTCL Phone Packages

PTCL today launched four new Ptcl phone packages aimed toward customers with different telephony needs. All Ptcl phone packages accompany with on-net minutes bundles and a monthly charge, however, if opted PTCL won’t be charging any line rent from subscribers. The PTCL phone packages are for both domestic phone calling and international calls. The offers are best for PTCL to mobile network communications. Freedom Voice Packages may be a new Ptcl phone packages, which provides customers unlimited on-net calls, free mobile minutes, free VAS bundle, alongside international minutes. this is often particularly unique and beneficial as no other company is offering international minutes at such economical rates to its customers.

Before stepping into the Ptcl phone packages, allow us to explain what exactly these offerings are. On-net calls ask those calls made up of a PTCL connection to a PTCL connection; in each of the 5 packages offered, there are unlimited on-net calls. this suggests you’ll call anyone with a PTCL connection without fear of incurring huge bills.

PTCL offers very attractive Ptcl phone packages for landline and V phones. The users pay a hard and fast fee to urge many PTCL to PTCL and V phone minutes.

PTCL Charji Packages 2022

Gear up for an excellent internet experience with subsequent generation of wireless broadband packages. You’ll now have seamless streaming, superior browsing, and faster downloads. From surfing online to watching movies, from socializing with friends to sharing pictures/videos to playing games, with Ptcl CharJi get connected now.

Ptcl CharJi EVO Features

A reliable wireless device with, long battery time that’s perfect for internet use on-the-go or maybe reception.

  • Connect up to 10 devices on just one occasion including Smartphones, Laptops, Smart TVs, computer game consoles, etc.
  • Enjoy up to five hours of battery time on one charge.
  • Compatible with both Windows & Mac devices.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

Package Details

  • Ptcl CharJi is out there altogether major cities and towns across Pakistan.
  • Enjoy a free Smart TV App with 120+ Live TV channels, Video-on-Demand, and far more.
  • If you finish your data volume within 30 days, you’ll simply re-subscribe and refresh your package, please click here for details.
  • You can avail 5 Gb bucket for Rs. 500/- upon consuming your volume on both prepaid & postpaid packages. You’ll avail of a maximum of two postpaid buckets in monthly bill invoices, while you’ll avail of an unlimited number of buckets recharges on the prepaid package.
  • Recharge before package expiry and save your unused volume. All remaining volume is carried forward and added to your next subscription.

PTCL has introduced an exciting offer for its users with Ptcl charji packages 2022. All new users are eligible for this offer. Not only the new, but all inactive users of CharJi also can subscribe to this offer. The inactive users got to dial 1218 to vary their package to unlimited Ptcl charji packages 2022. Ptcl charji packages 2022 is Now Available in Rs. 1,999 only. Don’t waste some time, get the CharJi device and use this unlimited Ptcl charji packages 2022.  It’s a vast package but users will get 150GB per month which is sort of enough. Let’s have a glance at the small print of the Ptcl charji packages 2022. Get your Unlimited Ptcl charji packages 2022 now for Rs. 1,499/- per month. No Hidden Charges! The monthly line-rent is inclusive of all taxes.

Enjoy a tremendous Internet experience that permits endless downloading, streaming, socializing & gaming with Unlimited Ptcl charji packages 2022.

For Existing Charji Customers

If you’re an existing user, please dial 1218 to vary your current package to Unlimited.

Prepaid CharJi users from Karachi can change their package to the new Unlimited Ptcl charji packages 2022 by simply sending the subsequent SMS to 0512181218.

PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 20 GB Data Package Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code

The customers can call 1218 or visit the PTCL website at or visit their nearest retailer to shop for their own CharJi dongle device, which works when plugged in power source and may connect up to 10 Wi-Fi gadgets for Rs.2500 or buy CharJi Evo Cloud, which is added with single modem hotspot device having 2,380 mAh battery with the ability to attach up to 10 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously for Rs.3500.

Get your Unlimited Ptcl charji packages 2022 now for Rs. 1,499/- per month. Monthly line-rent is inclusive of all taxes with no hidden charges. With Unlimited Ptcl charji packages 2022, you’ll enjoy a tremendous Internet experience that permits endless downloading, streaming, socializing & gaming. Get your Unlimited Ptcl charji packages 2022 now for Rs. 1,999/- per month. No Hidden Charges! The monthly line-rent is inclusive of all taxes.

PTCL CharJi Evo is out there in the following devices:

  • Ptcl CharJi Wingle
  • Ptcl CharJi Cloud S/B
  • Huawei CharJi Cloud
  • Ptcl CharJi Cloud
  • Ptcl CharJi USB
  • Ptcl CharJi Cloud A
  • Ptcl CharJi Cloud B

PTCL Net Speed Test

Test your Internet Speed accurately using this Online PTCL net Speed Test Tool. As Pakistan’s most trusted platform for checking PTCL Internet Speed, this tool lets all PTCL users accurately determine their Broadband/DSL/Wireless/EVO Charji connection speeds. Get a properly displayed report of Bandwidth, Download/Upload Speed, Ping, and Latency with a 99% result accuracy level.

PTCL Net Speed Test Tool

The tool has developed this highly advanced PTCL net Speed Test Tool that promises free internet speed test results with an ultimate level of accuracy. These highly efficient free internet speed test tools accurately determine PTCL Connection Speed by that specialize in the measurements of download and upload speed, also as Bandwidth, Signal Strength, Ping, and Latency.

To deliver the speed test report with a 99% accuracy level, this free online PTCL net Speed Test Tool runs multiple connection speed tests in your physical location and uses multiple devices and browsers on the backend – to make sure the generated result’s accurate to the supreme level of perfection.

Using this PTCL net Speed test Tool, you’ll test connection speeds of all PTCL devices such as:

  • PTCL Broadband Speed Test
  • PTCL EVO Charji Speed Test
  • PTCL Landline Speed Test
  • PTCL Charji EVO Cloud Speed Test
  • PTCL Fiber Connection Speed Test

PTCL Net Speed Test

PTCL net Speed test is essentially a tool that allows you to see internet connection speed. Speed tests are often run from your desktop, mobile, laptop, or tablet. Free internet speed test may be a procedure to live per second rate of your internet connection. rate is measured by finding the closest server from your location then transferring internet data between your computer and server. Your actual internet speed is that the speed of data traveled between your computer and therefore the server.

Your internet speed also depends on your data package. for instance, the PTCL net speed test tool will show different results for a 4 Mbps connection and eight Mbps connection. The 8 Mbps connection transfer rate is going to be faster compared to the 4 Mbps connection. With our tool, you’ll measure the standard of your Internet connection correctly compared to other PTCL net speed test tools.

PTCL Broadband Speed Test

While using the internet if you’re feeling that your internet connection isn’t working properly or if you are facing slow streaming or slow download. In Pakistan, there are quite 44 million internet users and therefore the number goes up day by day. all of them face these problems in routine. If you’re facing these issues then you would possibly get to do a PTCL speed check then you’re in the proper place to try to it.

To run a broadband speed test you would like to travel to our 5G speed test tool. There you’ll see “START” written during a circle. you only got to click on START and it’ll do the remainder. Our free net speed test tool will start measuring your download speed, then in the second step, it’ll measure your upload speed. Just in few second, it’ll show you you’re Download Speed, Upload Speed, and your IP address.

Spectrum Speed Test

Spectrum speed test offers several Internet speed tiers at varying price points, starting from up to 100 Mbps download speeds to up to 940 Mbps download speeds. The Spectrum Speed Test is accurate, except for the truest measure of your average internet speeds. The Spectrum Speed Test may be a universal speed test that will measure your Internet speed albeit Charter Spectrum isn’t your current internet provider. Spectrum speed test provides a spread of features that you simply can tailor to your needs. Whether Spectrum speed test is your internet provider otherwise you use a special provider, the speed test below can show key statistics about your internet connection.

If your Spectrum speed test result’s less than expected, try resetting your router or call Spectrum customer service for extra assistance.

How does the Spectrum speed test work?

The spectrum speed test first establishes a reference to the simplest available server. Your “ping,” or time it takes to determine this connection, is measured in milliseconds.

Next, the spectrum speed test will measure your download speed by receiving a little amount of knowledge over the browser. The speed at which the info is transferred is shown in megabits per second or Mbps.

The test then performs an identical action, this point sending a little amount of knowledge over the browser to check your upload speed. Your upload speed also will appear in Mbps and should be significantly less than your download speed, especially if employing a DSL, cable, or satellite connection.

During the test, the appliance will measure any encountered delays (known as “jitter” or “latency”). Like ping, jitter is measured in milliseconds.

Mobile Speed Test

Welcome to Mobile Speed Test. mobile speed test is uniquely designed to check your current Internet connection speed. Upon completion, you’ll be notified of reports about your connection. This HTML5 speed test doesn’t require Flash or Java and works on all devices including tablets and smartphones. Remember to download our Android application.

For best results close out other open tabs in your browser and ensure your computer is usually idle. Test your Internet Broadband speed, including a big amount of additional information like latency/ping, jitter, download speed, upload speed, to supply you with an in-depth report on what sort of services your connection can support.

Unlike most speed tests, the mobile speed test doesn’t require Flash or Java, and instead uses more universally compatible HTML5, which allows the test to run on all devices including tablets or smartphones. While the mobile speed test is running, the web speed meters will animate. These Internet speedometers will provide information about your bandwidth connection in real-time.

PTCL Evo Packages

For traveling purposes, PTCL offers different PTCL Evo packages which may be described intimately.

Here is that the list of varied PTCL Evo packages below:

WINGLE PTCL Evo Packages

3G EVO wingle provides you a speed of 9.3Mbps covering 3G internet at a reasonable price of Rs 2000.


PTCL brings a 3G EVO nitro cloud with a speed of 9.3Mbps at a reasonable price of Rs 3,500.

CLOUD PTCL Evo Packages

CharJi EVO Cloud is that the latest PTCL internet device that has launched after becoming a neighborhood of Etisalat. the corporate offers this fastest internet device that works without interruption at Rs. 2500.


PTCL introduced a tremendous internet service of carfi PTCL Evo packages is available only in Rs.4000

PTCL Evo packages are activated for one month. All PTCL Evo packages include tex.

Xfinity Speed Test

Not all speed tests are equivalent. Xfinity speed test dynamically uses a close-by server to check your internet speed. Xfinity speed tests use a delegated server rather than a dynamic one, which may skew your results. If the designated server is farther away than your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) server, the results of your latency test could also be inflated. This doesn’t happen with the Xfinity speed test because it adapts the servers it uses to where you’re at.

Xfinity Speed Test accuracy

The Xfinity Speed Test is accurate, but given the number of variables that will affect your Internet speed at any given time, we recommend running several tests at different times of day to urge a more accurate measure of your average speeds.

Xfinity Speed Test Result

The results you’ll expect from your Xfinity speed test will largely depend upon the speeds outlined in your Internet package. If your download and/or upload speeds consistently fall below this range, there are a variety of steps you’ll fancy to troubleshoot the difficulty, outlined below. The Xfinity Speed Test may be a universal speed test that will measure your speeds regardless of your Internet provider. The Xfinity speed test tool determines your Xfinity Internet Broadband Speed by calculating the time taken for every byte to travel from your computer to the remote server, and from a foreign server to your computer. the speed at which your Internet downloads file or data from the web to your machine is named Download Speed. And Upload speed is that the rate at which a file or data is uploaded from your device to the web.

PTCL Internet Speed Test

PTCL is that the largest broadband provider in Pakistan with over 76% market share having 820,000 customers across 1000 cities and towns of Pakistan.

PTCL internet speed test service checks your download and uploads internet speed. PTCL internet speed test service is specially created for Pakistani customers who want to see their PTCL internet broadband speed. Check and Examine your PTCL internet speed test internet connections using PTCL internet speed test Tool. With this tool, you’ll get a ping rate, download, upload speed, etc. PTCL internet speed test tool allows PTCL Broadband Internet users (including all other networks) to see their Broadband Speed easily. Well, the PTCL internet speed test tool may be a free test tool that permits you to see your internet connection speed and measures the standard of your internet with great precision. Not only this, but it also determines the upload, download speed, ping, and jitter rate of your internet by PTCL internet speed test.

Benefits of PTCL Internet Speed Test Tool

Above and beyond, below are some benefits you’d get if you choose the PTCL tool to PTCL free internet speed test.

  • This tool is proficient in testing your broadband speed and allow you to know if you’re getting accurate results or not
  • This test resolves many issues a bit like, it guides you that you simply have a reliable internet package, or does one got to upgrade your internet package to a more efficient one.
  • The PTCL test tool also analyzes the ping rate, upload, and download speed. It gives you information about what proportion Mbps are utilized in uploading and downloading.

Google Speed Test

If you are looking to vary your internet provider, or are considering increasing your internet speed, it is a good idea to understand where your internet speed currently stands. this may assist you better understand what you would like and wish for from a replacement google speed test. Google offers an easy and fast tool for doing this, and you’ll easily access it by initiating a Google search. This Google speed test measures your internet speed in megabits per second or Mbps. The test determines your internet speed by measuring the quantity of knowledge that will move through your connection.

Here’s what you would like to understand to require a Google speed test, the way to determine whether your internet is fast, and tips for improving speed.

How To Use Google Speed Test

  1. Attend Google and enter “google speed test” within the search bar.
  2. At the highest of the primary page of search results, within the box labeled “Free internet speed test,” click the blue “Run Speed Test” button.
  3. A pop-up window will appear featuring what seems like a speedometer almost like what you’d see during a car. Wait because the test first measures your download speed than upload speed. It takes about 30 seconds to finish.
  4. Once the test is finished, the Google speed test will display your results with an assessment of your connection speed. Your results are given in terms of megabits per second, or Mbps. the upper your Mbps count, the higher.

Free Internet Speed Test Google

A free internet speed test google helps to understand, how briskly Is Your Internet! Using Our Free internet speed test google tool, you’ll test downloading and uploading Speed (DSL/WiFI).

Better internet service is all about speed. Now, the way the web works is sort of simple. Computers are connected via an in-depth network that’s alleged to route information to and back from your device. In other words, the quantity of the info that’s transferred through a connection during a given amount of your time is what’s referred to as internet speed. It measured in megabytes per second (Mbps) as a typical metric. Let’s expound more on everything you ought to realize your free internet speed test google and more.

Understand Your results of the free internet speed test google. The test result shows the potential of your internet connection.

With all the mention jargon like Fiber, gigabytes, megabytes per second, and therefore the likes, it might be hard for a novice to know internet speed.

BSNL Speed Test

BSNL speed test allows you to see the state of the channel, to work out its functionality. With our test, you’ll be ready to know the important speed of connection that gives your Internet Service Provider! And even be ready to tell other users leaving your review about the provider. it’s not uncommon for the provider to say one speed, and that we get different! BSNL Speed Test portal is often wont to check both download and upload speed in real-time. BSNL’s FTTH, Broadband, and Mobile customers can use the new BSNL Speed Test portal with ease. BSNL speed test online portal will means how briskly your internet connection service is. With the BSNL speed test portal, you not only can check your BSNL broadband or mobile data speed but also can check other operator’s internet service speeds. BSNL speed test tool enables its customers to see the real-time download and upload speed. This BSNL speed test is often accessed from any device and its use isn’t restricted to the BSNL broadband speed test or BSNL speed test FTTH. BSNL speed test refers to the web check of your BSNL Internet speed. The BSNL speed test is important because every user has the proper to see either they’re getting what they’re paying for or not?

Sky Broadband Speed Test

Sky broadband speed test offers fast speeds protected with a stellar customer service record and therefore the ability to bundle comprehensive TV services together too. Unlike many providers, Sky broadband speed test only offers one intermediate fiber package – their 59Mb Superfast package – and is within the process of rolling out ultrafast services.

A major point of the Sky broadband speed test is that the ability to bundle TV services alongside broadband, and that they also offer an honest selection of call plans for patrons trying to find the complete package.

How Fast Is The Sky Broadband Speed Test?

Each year, Ofcom publishes real-world performance figures to point out how sky broadband speed test services from the foremost popular providers delay panelist tests.

The latest figures we’ve for Sky published in May 2020 cover their standard copper broadband and their superfast package – no tests have yet included their ultrafast package.

Fast Speed Test

PTCL fast Speed Test is yet one more attraction for internet users in Pakistan. The speed of your subscribed bandwidth is often checked with this PTCL fast Speed Test. This fast speed test can help find the proper bandwidth required for running your internet operations.

Why Checking The Speed Of The Internet Is Important?

Slow internet connections are often an enormous hurdle in your important tasks; it causes you to get irritated because it delays your task. this is often the time once you consider checking your internet speed. Checking your internet speed helps you to seek out the most reason behind the disrupted internet connection. If the speed is low you’ll call the PTCL complaint registration services, and if the PTCL fast speed test tells you that the web speed is sweet then it means there’s another problem together with your connection then also you would like to register your complaint.

Why Is PTCL Fast Speed Test Important?

Fast speed test allows you to know the speed your internet service provider is allowing your browser. If you’ve got constant usage of downloads, uploads, or maybe gaming, the fast speed test allows to you check out the advantages of the package you’ve got and if you would like to upgrade or downgrade it. However, there’s one important thing you would like to understand about your PTCL internet connection and therefore the associated fast speed tests.

If you are doing fast speed tests regularly or maybe occasionally, there’s one thing you want to know. Most people didn’t know that once you do your PTCL fast speed test or with the other Internet Service Provider, you get promised bandwidth and speed on the local connection. It means the MBs you get once you perform the fast speed test is apt and as per the package you opted out for.

On the opposite hand, once you do a speed test on a world server, it won’t be equivalent. it’ll almost be half what you get on the local server otherwise. You share your reference to others for international traffic.

Ptcl Broadband

Broadband Packages

If you’re trying to find replacement broadband packages and broadband deals, you would possibly consider a bundle to urge a far better price.

Most providers offer broadband packages alongside landline and television in several combinations, and counting on the provider and therefore the services you would like these bundles could represent a far better deal.

This isn’t always the case, so it’s best to match deals from a variety of providers so you’ll get the simplest service for your money.

Benefits Of Broadband Packages

Taking out multiple services during a bundle from one provider offers benefits compared to taking each out separately, like more competitive pricing and gifts.

  • Discounted price: Many providers offer a reduction reciprocally for combining your services
  • Freebies: they’ll also offer incentives like cash back or gifts
  • Less hassle: It’s probably easier handling one provider for all of your services, as you’ll only have one point of contact once you need help and one bill to affect the proper broadband packages

When you compare broadband packages, you ought to consider factors like download speeds and limits, contract length, and overall cost to call a couple of.

  • Speed: Download speed may be a crucial factor when comparing broadband packages because it affects your overall experience. you’ll get a far better idea of how broadband speeds are measured with our guide to bits and bytes, and see what quite download speed you’ll be suited to counting on the sort of internet user you’re
  • Limit: You’ll likely be ready to find a reasonable broadband packages offering unlimited downloads, but not all broadband packages offer this. If you employ the web frequently, make certain to see for any limits
  • Availability: Not all kinds of connection are available throughout the United Kingdom – most providers offer a postcode checking service so you’ll determine what’s available in your area
  • Tech support: the standard of a provider’s customer assistance may be a big factor as it’s inevitable that the web will eventually go down. Good tech support is often crucial in understanding where things have gone wrong, so check online reviews to urge a thought of various providers’ records with customer support
  • Contract: you’ll get to settle on between a 12- or 24-month broadband packages or a rolling monthly contract
  • Equipment: Some providers may require you to possess certain equipment installed to access their services. this may sometimes be provided and purchased by your provider, but not always – make certain to see if you would like to pay extra for an upgrade
  • Freebies: you’ll be tempted by some providers offering gifts or cashback as a part of their deal, but remember this won’t affect the standard of service you get
  • Cost: Arguably the foremost important factor, getting the simplest deal at the simplest price is why shopping around is so important

Broadband Connection

Broadband connection, unlike the old dial-up internet connection, won’t engage your telephone line when in use. Having a broadband connection makes it possible for you to get an online telephone company so you’ll not need the normal telephone line in the least.

Another great advantage of a broadband connection is that you simply are constantly connected to the web. you’re quickly ready to connect with your work’s intranet and email in a matter of seconds.

Many people considering between these broadband connection Internet service options generally narrow the search to the foremost popular services which are DSL and cable. an honest approach when researching your options would be to ask those within the area you’re considering, which service they’re using and the way it’s working for them.

Even though cable broadband Internet service offers a speedy internet connection, this fast speed won’t be realized if the connection itself can’t be relied on. for instance, the cable connection you receive depends on the shared bandwidth, the number of users on the system at any time, and therefore the latency on the network.

Again, with a DSL broadband connection, the connection speed of the web is often severely reduced by the space a subscriber is found from the switching station. The further away the subscriber is from the switching station, the slower the web broadband connection.

Once installed, a broadband connection is usually on. The connection is maintained with the utilization of a cable or DSL modem. These connect the pc to the cable outlet on the wall, within the case of the cable internet connection; or the DSL modem to the telephone line. only these connections become unplugged, will the web broadband connection be lost.

Unlike the old dial-up service, you’ll not be dialing a selected telephone number to realize access to the web. With broadband service, access to the web is given by simply double-clicking your Internet browser icon of choice (this is typically on your desktop – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, etc.); your default website will open and you’ll immediately start surfing the online. the entire process should take no quite about 10 to fifteen seconds, counting on the computer’s speed itself and baring any problems with slowness. A broadband connection will offer you access to everything you’ll get from the web. you’ll be ready to send and receive an email, surf the online, use social networks, stream music, and video, do online banking, plus an entire lot more. If you have already got an internet broadband connection and are worried about your connection speed, you’ll check it with our broadband speed test.

Broadband Deals

A good broadband deal suits the requirements of your household. It is not necessarily the most cost-effective, the fastest, or the effect the most extras — it is the deal that has the foremost of what you need.

If you simply use the web occasionally and typically just use it for email or social media, and an honest broadband deal could rather be the most cost-effective one you’ll find. However, if you’ve got avid gamers living with you, Netflix shows constantly on the go, children reception who are always online, otherwise, you regularly work from home, an honest broadband deal might give the foremost reliable connection and fast download speeds.

Essentially, the simplest broadband deal is that the best one for you.

But remember, the requirements of your household can change over time, which suggests that whatever makes an honest broadband deal now might not be suitable for you a year or two down the road.

When checking out the simplest broadband deal for your household, consider what you’ll be using the web form, what extras you’d wish to get (TV bundles, landline calls, mobile contracts, etc), and what you want to avoid.

The best broadband deals

  • Virgin broadband deal: best for super-fast speeds.
  • Sky broadband deal: best quad-play provider.
  • BT broadband deal: best all-around internet provider.
  • Vodafone: affordable pricing for fiber internet.
  • Plusnet: frequently the most cost-effective provider for both fiber and ADSL.

PTCL Bill Payment

PTCL customers can avail of Online PTCL Bill Payment facilities with their accounts and automatic restoration of suspended lines. you’ll get the duplicate bill DBILL of your required product, like landline PTCL bill payment and EVO PTCL bill payment. Now you’ll check your PTCL bill payment online and you’ll download a PTCL duplicate bill copy to avoid extra charges just in case lately submission. You like to enter your landline number and your PTCL account id to download the Ptcl bill payment. you’ll check your bill wherever and whenever. Not only the PTCL bill payment but you’ll check your total history of PTCL bill payment. you’ll now pay your PTCL bill payment with no hassle through online channels from the comfort of your home. Ptcl offers various PTCL bill payment methods for your ease and convenience.


What is the PTCL helpline number?

The PTCL helpline number is 1218.

How can I PTCL complain online?

  1. Type your CMP.
  2. Enter your Area Code and Landline Number.
  3. Type your product code in the format Landline: LL, Broadband: BB.
  4. Send to 1218 by adding area code before the number (05).

Receive your PTCL complaint number – registration number

How can I log in to PTCL WiFi?

To login to PTCL WiFi Open the web browser and type “192.168. 10.1” to get access to the modem.

How can I get PTCL new connection?

You can order PTCL new connection by simply calling 1218 or order online by visiting the website at or visiting your nearest OSS.

What is the PTCL contact number?

The PTCL contact number is for support, call toll free: 080080800 or 1218

What is broadband speed test postcode?

The broadband speed test postcode is different according to different countries and cities.

Which is the most accurate broadband speed test?

The most accurate broadband speed test details are available on Paki packages.

How can I check PTCL charji coverage?

PTCL charji coverage areas are all over Pakistan.

What is the best broadband near me?

There are several broadbands near you in your areas. Choose the best one according to your needs.

What is PTCL Charji speed?

PTCL charji speed depends on the PTCL charji Evo device. All details about PTCL charji speed available on Paki packages.