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Pakipackages is always available for you whenever you are looking for a Zong package, Zong SMS packages, Zong call packages, Zong internet packages, Zong super cards, and Zong 4G devices. Zong provides its users Zong weekly packages, Zong daily package, and Zong monthly packages as well.

Zong is a major telecommunications company that gives several services in Pakistan. At Pakipackages, we discuss all the Zong Package, Zong SMS package, Zong call package, Zong internet package, Zong super cards, and Zong 4G devices and the way to subscribe to them. In Pakistan, there are four additional major telecommunications firms. One among them, Zong, with its 4G coverage as against other firms, is a renowned brand. There also are other 2G and 3G networks supplying businesses. Zong 4G is a very effective network since mobile Chinese have a friendship with Zong.

Helpful Key Points Before Subscribe Zong SMS packages

  • Go Zong SMS package, Zong call package, Zong internet package, Zong super cards
  • Download *222# for the Balance Inquiry
  • Therefore, call 310 for a few other queries
  • Thus, a 12.5 percent holding tax applies on charges
  • Packages and deals of Zong packages are often changed in either case
  • Your SIM is finally your identity, just use biometric managed SIMs
  • The Internet consumption default rate is Rs.2 per MB. Charging Pulse is 512 KB
  • Apply terms and conditions

Zong Services to Explore:



Zong Daily, Weekly, and Monthly SMS Packages

Zong SMS Packages

Many citizens are ready to appraise their convenience and timeliness since technology began to evolve in our country. Many cities and even countries get much closer than before because of cellular communication. But many users are scared of anything – roaming. You can enjoy Zong weekly packages and Zong monthly packages at the best rates. Older people well skills mobile communications are created. Mobile companies began by delivering communication services to their customers at “crazy” rates, consistent with present standards. At an equivalent time, payment on incoming calls was believed by several tariffs.

The intranet roaming is inconsistent since the user doesn’t leave one operator’s network once they leave for a neighboring area. You can subscribe to any Zong SMS package by Zong SMS package code provided by one of the best telecommunication companies. You can also select any Zong SMS package code on pakipackages.com.

Zong SMS Packages Daily

For its customers, Zong provides an exciting offer for day to day that is very keeping of using social media packages with SMS packages at very low rates once you aren’t frequent social media users and not SMS zombies. Different regular packages starting from Rs. 4 per to Rs. 10 per were provided. ZONG Zulu SMS offers you 500 SMS for each day until midnight in only 4 rupees if you talk daily together with your animals. Hide More

If you’re checking out the daily package all-in-one, you discover the Shandaar daily package for Zong that gives users an unprecedented low price of Rs.8, including a complete of 500 SMS, 10,000 on-net minutes, and 50 MB of internet. If you’re curious about sending many messages to your company, select the weekly or monthly Zong SMS Packages and sell those packages at affordable rates.

Zong SMS Packages Weekly

If you wish to chat with social media platforms on your cellular device, Zong will provide you with another affordable attractive package with a mixture of Zong SMS packages weekly and Internet packages to satisfy your requirements.

One of the possible bundles used for the Zong SMS package weekly is that the 1200 SM SMS packet for all networks, at the value of Rs.14+ taxes and 200 MB for WhatsApp, with the service accessible by dialing *702#. The “Zong Shandaar Weekly Package” provides all networks with 500 free SMS, 500 free online minutes, 50 free off-net minutes, and 500 MB, 7 days freed from charge, Rs. 120 includes tax. ‘Zong Haftawaar Load Bundle’ offers 2500 free SMS to all or any networks, 2500 free online, 80 free off-net, and 2.5 GB free for Rs. 250, with taxes inclusive, valid for seven days. Zong weekly packages are available at cheap rates.

Zong Monthly SMS Package

If you’re a member of the employer or a member of the organization and have an enormous need for SMS and data bundle to handle your business or job contact don’t worry, providing you Zong monthly SMS packages.

The Zong SMS Package monthly will include 500SMS per day for 30 days or 30code/day for WhatsApp. The Zong monthly package SMS or Hello pack is extremely popular among the users because it offers you SMS, internet MBs and online minutes for an entire month with a tag of 170 rupees only. That, well, is an insane bid. Zong users can enjoy Zong monthly packages at the very best rates.

The Monthly deals allow you to receive sufficient SMS to talk for 30 days stupidly about balance and subscription. You’ve got to pick the perfect monthly schedule and luxuriate in chatting without fear for an entire month.

Zong Postpaid SMS Packages

Zong offers a spread of postpaid SMS packages. The Postpaid 700 SMS bundle provides 700 free SMS to all or any networks at PKR 50 plus tax for 30 days. For a subscription, visit Zong’s official website. The Postpaid 300 SMS bundle provides 300 SMS at PKR 25 plus tax for one month. Visit Zong’s website to subscribe to this offer. The Postpaid unlimited SMS bundle provides unlimited SMS for 30 days. you’ll be charged PKR 90 plus tax for subscribing to the offer.

The Z500 postpaid package provides 1000 SMS,1500 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes, and 4 GBs of knowledge (2 GB can only be used for WhatsApp) at PKR 500 plus tax for 30 days. Dial 310 to subscribe to this offer. The Z800 postpaid package offers 2000 SMS, unlimited on-net minutes, 500 off-net minutes, and 10 GBs of internet (4 GB can only be used for WhatsApp) for 30 days at PKR 800 plus tax. Dial 310 to subscribe to this offer. The Z1200 postpaid package renders 4000 SMS, unlimited on-net minutes, 800 off-net minutes, and 20 GBs of internet (5 GB can only be used for WhatsApp) for 30 days at PKR 1200 plus tax. To subscribe to this offer, dial 310. The Z2500 postpaid package provides 5000 SMS, unlimited free on-net minutes, 1200 off-net minutes, and 46 GBs of internet (10 GBs can only be used for WhatsApp) for a month. The users are going to be charged PKR 2500 plus tax for subscribing to the offer. For subscription. dial 310.

Zong Call Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong is become an outsized network of Pakistan and provides tons of Zong call packages with rock bottom prices so that everyone can avail of this offer. Pakipackages offer Zong Call Packages which are Zong prepaid and Zong postpaid. If you are worried that the way to subscribe or the code of activation of the Zong Call Package, then don’t worry because you’re in right place. At Pakipackages, we’ll discuss the Zong call packages fully in detail. In contrast to their competitive plans, Zong Call Packages are available on a coffee budget. You’ll scroll down the complete Zong call Packages complete updated list of the year 2021 which we’ll present below if you would like call packages. This list includes all category package plans, like Zong Daily Call Package, Zong monthly package call, and Zong Weekly Call Package.

Zong Daily Call Packages

Zong offers the result that you simply expect to stay together with your friends and family for as many minutes as possible. A set of various package plans to vary in price and cap within the Zong daily call package. All Zong packages have minutes a day to satisfy the need for normal call minutes. The daily call packages are for those that don’t call much. For a particular time, they only need to call minutes. In several hours, the Zong daily Call package offers users quick calling minutes. Only carefully read all of your Zong Daily Packages and pick someone who meets your perfect times. Zong call packages hourly are available at very cheaper rates. Zong hourly call package is best for students. Zong provides daily call packages which will be utilized for twenty-four hours. Zong also provides a Zong 2-hour call package to its prepaid users. Zong call packages 2 hours contain unlimited calls in 2 hours.

Zong Weekly Call Package

The Zong weekly call package draws subscribers who have long been ready to speak with their relatives and friends. Zong offers various services that fulfill all its subscribers’ requirements. Different Zong weekly call packages give unlimited on-net minutes, off-net minutes, SMS, and free MBs for 7 days. Every Zong call packages weekly code is available on Pakipackages. Variety of packages vary on payment and time is provided by the weekly Calling plan. The subsequent are specific details about the Zong weekly call package and Zong call packages weekly code.

Zong Monthly Package Call

Each organization includes different types of users with unique expectations. Calling minutes are often used every day by users using the Zong monthly package call. The key benefit is that the customer doesn’t get to subscribe to packages again and again. A Zong monthly package call plan has several advantages.

The Zong monthly package call offers several packages that satisfy users’ requirements. Another “Power Pack Sim” plan has been designed by Zong. These electrical converter sims include extra minutes of calling and internet data.

Zong offers many prepaid month-based call packages. The customer enjoys call packages and free MBs, SMS, and off-net minutes for 30 days. Zong 4G Announces Zong to Zong FREE Call code to take advantage of this offering customers can simply dial Zong to Zong free call code *45# and get 20 Zong to Zong Minutes, without any charges at all.

Zong Postpaid Call Packages

Some users wish to gain Zong postpaid packages rather than prepaid packages. Pakipackages gives you all the details about Zong postpaid call packages.

Check Zong packages

  • Dial *102*3# to see Zong remaining SMS
  • Send P to 102 to see Zong remaining minutes
  • Dial *222# to see Zong Balance
  • Send empty SMS to 911 to urge Zong to advance balance
  • To check Zong sim number dial *8#
  • To share Zong balance dial *828*Friend-Number*amount#

Zong Internet Packages

Zong is prepared to supply packages of VAS products that will benefit individuals, corporates also as small businesses. Led by a team of execs in the field of cellular communications, CMPAC is committed to creating a reputation for itself in the Pakistani market by changing the way people communicate. We’ve also included an inventory of all the Zong internet packages, Zong WhatsApp Packages, alongside their price, duration, subscription code, and other important details.

One of the world’s largest telecom companies is understood as Zong for its cheap services of internet bundles in Pakistan. It offers a good range of web calls with a faster and constant speed: 2G, 3g, 4G for searching, downloading, uploading, and social networking websites users enjoy secure Zong Internet packages.

Zong Internet Packages Daily

There are several Daily Internet bundles provided by Zong in Pakistan. Uninterrupted internet is out there at a coffee price. The range of those packages from Rs. 16 to maximum Rs. 38 + tax is included in Zong daily internet packages. I hope that the subsequent information helps you if you’re a Zong customer who seeks affordable internet packages a day. The Daily Basic Internet package offers its users 100 MBs of the web for 1 day and at a price of only 15+tax. The subscription is often purchased by dialing * 6464# and checking the remaining data *102#, however, one MB per bundle.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong keeps introducing the 4G package to stay you connected with your friends and loved ones. Zong has introduced an online package for Zong prepaid and Zong postpaid customers. the most commonly used Zong weekly internet packages are Mega Weekly, Super Weekly Plus, and Super Weekly. Different Zong weekly internet packages are utilized the entire week. You can activate any Zong weekly internet packages by Zong Internet Packages Weekly Code. With the activation of weekly offers, costumer also gets call and SMS packages alongside off-net minutes in some bundles.

The Zong weekly internet packages offer its customers 2 GB of internet volume for 1 week and at a price of the sole 100+tax. Dial *6464# to subscribe and *102# to see the remainder of the info.

The weekly packages plans for Zong are listed below. All week contains MBS. By offering inexpensive package plans, Zong cares for its clients.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages (3G & 4G)

Zong brings many types of monthly bundles for Zong users. There are some device packages and also here, you’ll get code of social packages like a Zong Facebook package monthly, WhatsApp package, and IMO package. Zong introduced Zong Monthly Package Internet for web lovers. Zong night internet packages offer customers to use its 3G or 4G services with up to 2.5GB per night. Allowed timings are 1 AM to 9 AM and charges for Zong Good Night Offer are Rs. 16 + tax per day. Zong currently serves quite 100 cities, and therefore the number is growing rapidly. The Zong monthly internet packages include Money 150 per month and Premium 3 GB per month. If you want to enjoy the freedom of mobile data volume within 30 days, you should take advantage of Zong Monthly Package Internet.

Zong 4G Internet Packages

Zong offers fast mobile devices like as: 4G data packages, 4G broadband bundles & 4G smartphones. Both prepayment and postpaid packages are available. You can find information about all Zong Internet Packages, Zong WhatsApp code, Zong 4G internet packages, Zong 4G net packages, Zong internet sim packages on pakipackages.com.

Zong also introduced Zong internet packages 3 Days offer so that the users who don’t use social media on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis can activate Zong internet packages 3 days offer it will utterly helpful them. So, the detailed explanation about Zong Internet Packages 3 Days is available on palipackages.com. The latter audience might use the dedicated Zong WhatsApp Packages at low prices for each day, a week, or an entire month. Zong free internet packages are also available. You can subscribe to any Zong free internet packages by scrolling down pakipackages.com.

Zong WhatsApp Package

Pakipackages listed all the Zong WhatsApp Package, alongside their cost, duration, subscription code, and other important information that you want to understand.

Zong WhatsApp Packages Monthly

Zong WhatsApp Package monthly bundle allows you to use all the features of the Zong WhatsApp package including texts, WhatsApp Calls (both voice and videos), sharing media, and everyone for a reasonable price. For subscription of the Zong WhatsApp package monthly, Zong provides a Zong WhatsApp package monthly code 2021 it also provides Zong Facebook package monthly free.

Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly

Zong WhatsApp package weekly allows offers good value for money, with a minimum recharge of rupees 30, you get 1500 SMS alongside 200 MBs for WhatsApp to consume within 7-days.

You also activate WhatsApp for one day just in case you would like it urgently otherwise you ran out of your Zong WhatsApp package. Zong provides its users Zong free WhatsApp with a Zong SMS package. Zong 4G has announced an amazing offer for its data users to enjoy Zong free WhatsApp. Zong free WhatsApp has no charge. Zong free WhatsApp code is *247#.

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

Zong introduced Zong postpaid internet packages for its users. By Zong postpaid internet packages you get free on the net, off-net, Internet, and SMS resources in a bundle. The Internet packages for postpaid customers are based on a 30-day billing period per month.

 Zong YouTube Package

All of the Zong YouTube packages are for 4G users. The daily data max offer of Zong provides 500 MBs for YouTube and 500 MBs for all internet users. The validity of this package is 24 hours. Zong 4G has made its name in the Pakistani market due to the standard LTE services it’s been rendering for an extended time now. Zong YouTube package is best for YouTube lovers. We use the Zong YouTube package whenever you want to entertain yourself. It’s extensive coverage in most parts of the country and enabled 4G services in the far-flung areas. Therefore, most people prefer it over other networks. Zong offers Zong packages including, the Zong SMS package, Zong call package, Zong internet package, Zong super cards, and Zong 4G devices.

Zong Hybrid

Zong Hybrid Bundles are a combination of productive and flexible bundles to fulfill your data needs at amazing rates. Zong offers Zong hybrid bundles for Voice, Internet, and SMS. So, Zong presents Zong hybrid bundles offering joined benefit of totally free minutes, totally free SMS, and free internet data at a single price of the bundle.

Zong super card

Zong Super Card bundle offer gives you 2500 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 2500 SMS, Free WhatsApp Data, 1GB YouTube, and 2500 MBs of 4G Internet Data. Rs. 650 Telecom

is required to subscribe to this bundle offer.

Zong Device Packages

Zong devises packages are available on pakipackages.com. Zong device packages are available at different prices for different MBs. Zong 4g device packages available for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months at different prices. Customers choose Zong 4g device packages according to their choice and need.

Zong Sim Lagao Offer

If you have not used the Zong sim for the previous 30 days you are eligible for the Zong sim lagao offer. Just insert your old Zong SIM and recharge it with Rs. 50/- or more and dial *2244# enjoy the offer. You can check eligibility for the Zong sim lagao offer by dialing 310.

Zong new sim offer

Zong new sim offer customers can get 2000 MBs of internet net data free for 3 days. Zong New SIM Offer Code is *10#


What Is Zong Helpline Number?

Zong helpline number is 310.

What Is Zong Free Minutes Code?

Zong free minutes code is *45#.

How to Check Zong Balance?

To check the Zong balance Open the phone dialer. And dial *222# and wait for few seconds.

How to Share Zong Balance?

Dial *828# Zong balance share code from your phone enter the phone number and amount you want to send and reply with 1 to confirm the balance transfer.

What Is Zong Free Internet Code?

Zong free internet code Type/Dial *568#*11#or *44#or *102# and get free 4GB days. Type/Dial *56*8*23# and enjoy free 500MB. Type/Dial *7863*86# and enjoy free 1GB days. Type/Dial *117*111*2# and enjoy free 2GB Zong data.

How to Check Zong Package?

To check Zong packages details visit pakipackages.com.

What Is Zong Balance Check Code?

Zong balance check code is *222#.

What Is Zong Loan Code?

Zong loan code is 911.

What Is Zong Advance Code?

The method to get this Zong Advance Balance is: Send a blank SMS to 911 or write “Rescue” in SMS and send it to 911 and soon you will get Zong advance credit within few seconds in your account. With this service, you can get a Zong loan of Rs. 25.

What Is Zong Sim Number Check Code?

Zong Sim Number Check Code is *100#.

What Is Zong Card Load Code?

Zong card load code is 101.

What Is Zong Day Time Offer?

Zong day time offer is valid for 2g and 3g users.

What is Zong Islamabad offer?

For details on the Zong Islamabad offer refer to our page for Zong internet packages

What is Zong Multan’s offer?

For details on Zong, Multan offers to refer to our page for Internet packages Zong.

What is Zong Rawalpindi’s offer?

For details on the Zong, Rawalpindi offer refers to our page for Zong Internet packages.

What is Zong Bahawalpur’s offer?

For details on Zong Bahawalpur’s offer, you need to go to our Zong internet packages page.

What is Zong Band Sim Offer?

Zong band sim offer provides you with free Zong internet, free Zong SMS, and free Zong minutes once you turn your sim card on.

What are Zong data sim packages?

Zong offers many data sim packages all are available on the Zong Pakipackages page.

What Is Zong Free SMS Code?

Zong SMS codes are available on pakipackges.com.

What are Zong data packages?

All details on Zongs data packages are available on the Zong package page.

 What is Zong Faisalabad’s offer?

For Zong, Faisalabad offers you have to check the Zong SMS packages page.

What is Zong Sialkot offer?

For more information on Zong Sialkot offer you need to check our Zong Call packages page.

What is Zong Lahore’s offer?

For details about the Zong Lahore offer, you need to check our Zong internet packages page.

What Is the Zong Day Package?

Zong day package is available to all Zong users.

What Is Zong Night Package?

Zong night package is available daily weekly and on monthly basis.

What is Zong Free 10 SMS Code 2021?

For Zong Free 10 SMS Code 2021 visit the Zong package page on pakipackages.com.

What is Zong SMS Packages Weekly Code?

To check Zong SMS packages weekly code checks our jazz packages page on pakipackages.com.

What Is Zong Packages Code?

To know the Zong packages code visit the Zong packages page.

What is Zong Weekly SMS Package Code?

To subscribe, just dial *702# or Just SMS < sub> to 700.

What is the Zong check balance code?

Zong check balance code is *222#.

What is Zong SMS Package Weekly Code 2021?

Zong SMS package weekly code 2021 is *702#.

What is Zong Hourly Internet Packages?

Zong introduces many hourly internet packages. All hourly internet packages details are available on the pakipackages Zong page.

What is Zong free SMS code 2021?

Zong free SMS code 2021 is available on the Pakipackages Zong page.