Telenor Paki Packages

Paki packages is here to give you all the details about Telenor packages. The organization has proven to be among the best in Pakistan since the launch of the Telenor network service. The company serves many customers from the beginning and is doing its best with affordable Telenor packages to satisfy your demands. Consistent with customer demands and wishes, Telenor / Djuice offers various Telenor SMS packages, Telenor call packages, and Telenor internet packages like hourly, 3 days, weekly and monthly.

The prices and efficiency of the Telenor Talkshawk customers are excellent because the corporate satisfies its users entirely. The Telenor Talkshawk network has approximately 5 separate Telenor SMS packages. For instance, the regular Telenor SMS packages provide 150 1-day validity messages that give users great comfort and straightforward service. For a particular amount of subscription charges, the opposite Telenor SMS package gives you messages for 2 weeks. Precisely, Telenor SMS packages are ideal for everybody and every one people’s needs.

Terms & Conditions for Telenor packages

  • The company can freeze any offer at any time.
  • All the Telenor packages prices include the tax.
  • You can subscribe to just one Telenor SMS package at a time.
  • The Telenor packages discussed above are for Telenor prepaid users only.
  • SMS are often sent to any network in Pakistan.
  • The international messages aren’t included in the Telenor packages.
  • Even if you’re on International roaming, you would like to subscribe international Telenor SMS package to use an international messaging service.
  • If you’re using one Telenor SMS package and you would like to subscribe to another one, the primary will automatically unsubscribe.

Telenor Services to Explore:



Telenor SMS Package Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor has launched numerous Telenor SMS packages to satisfy the hunger of the hungry generation SMS, in anticipation of the increasing interest of this generation. It’s time to speak about long calling when people have left. The pattern has now changed to quick and straightforward text messages. All Pakistan’s Network Telenor SMS Packages include free SMS.

Telenor is now one of the highest providers of cost-effective services for patrons in Pakistan. It’ll not only offer quality service but it also offers many Telenor packages that have less impact on the wallet of their customer. Telenor has launched numerous Telenor SMS packages to fill the appetite of the hungry SMS generation, anticipating the ever-growing interest of today’s crowd. Paki packages offer complete details about Telenor SMS packages.

Paki packages recognize that these Telenor packages are difficult to locate on the corporate site, so we’ve collected numerous Telenor packages and written them on one spot so that we will facilitate our readers. Paki packages exchange Telenor SMS Packages every day, 3 days, weekly and monthly.

Telenor SMS Packages Daily

Daily Telenor SMS packages are usually the best pick for people that seldom get free but on Sundays, they need to talk with their friends and family. Such people can choose daily Telenor SMS packages which aren’t only cost-effective but also provide an honest amount of SMS.

Daily Telenor SMS packages are typically the right choice for people who are rarely free but want to speak with their friends and family on Sundays. Such people can choose daily Telenor SMS packages that aren’t only cost-effective but offer an honest amount of SMS also. Telenor offers its cheapest SMS package of ‘Telenor Djuice Daily Messaging Bundle’ with 300 SMS in only Rs 2 and another package offering 240 SMS in Rs 4 to its Talks hawk customers. If you’re trying to find daily Telenor SMS packages, these two are among the best. Another low-priced Telenor package has been offered to the people of Karachi so that they are connected with their families and friend throughout Pakistan. The Telenor packages are understood as ‘Telenor Djuice Karachi Offer’ with unlimited On-Net minutes and 1000 SMS on all networks in just Rs 10. Telenor offers many other packages like ‘Telenor Djuice 3 Ka Scene Offer’ offering unlimited free calls to FNF numbers, 200 SMS, and 5MBs internet. Telenor offers Telenor to Telenor free calls, alongside SMS and internet to extend people-to-people contact. It provides 50 free On-Net Minutes, 300 Free SMS to all or any networks, and 4 MB free internet data in just Rs 15. Telenor offers ‘50 Minutes Mini Budget Package’ with 50 free On-Net Minutes, 300 free SMS to all or any networks, 4 MBs of free internet data in Rs 15, and Telenor ‘100 Minutes Mini Budget Package’ with 100 free On-Net Minutes, 300 free SMS to all or any networks in just Rs 18.

Telenor SMS Packages Weekly

Telenor has a number of the best weekly Telenor SMS packages for various customer bases. From Rs 7 to Rs 170, Telenor packages SMS are for all types of individuals. Whether you’re trying to find text-only Telenor packages SMS or want added offers like internet and voice offers, Telenor has everything sorted out for you. You’ll traverse our listings of Telenor SMS packages Weekly or use our Plan Finder to seek out the best suited Telenor SMS weekly packages that supported your preferences and filters. The ‘Telenor 5 Day SMS Bundle’ and ‘Weekly Telenor SMS Package’ are best for people that prefer text messages over calls. The Telenor SMS weekly packages provide 300 SMS and 1200 SMS for seven days respectively for just Rs 7. If you furthermore may want some internet data with SMS, ‘Telenor Djuice Weekly Messaging Bundle’ offers 1200 SMS and 100 MBs free internet data in Rs 10 with a validity of seven days. ‘Telenor Djuice SMS Minutes Bundle’ with 12 On-Net minutes and 700 SMS and ‘Telenor Djuice SMS Voice Bundle’ with 500 minutes, 500 SMS, and 50 MBs are offered for Rs 11.95 only. additionally, there are a variety of other weekly Telenor SMS packages for your convenience.

It’s ok if you don’t wish to renew your Telenor SMS weekly packages again and again because it expires on its day. You’ll easily choose Telenor SMS weekly packages. Telenor SMS Weekly packages offer you the liberty to speak to your loved ones for an entire 7 days every week. Below mentioned are Telenor SMS weekly packages alongside other incentives. These packages offer you the convenience of 7 days. The Telenor SMS weekly packages are very reasonable and cheap for consumers. Every day, you are doing not need to undergo an equivalent subscription process. If you’re a daily chat lover and wish to possess free SMS for the week to start, just trigger the weekly Telenor SMS packages and luxuriate in the entire week.

Paki packages give you Telenor packages SMS or pick the best packages that supported your preferences and filters with our Plan Finder. The ‘SMS Package of Telenor 5 days’ and ‘SMS Pack of Telenor Weekly’ are perfect for those that want text messages over calls.

Telenor Djuice SMS Minutes Package is out there on Rs 11,95 with just 12 on-net minutes, 700 SMS, and 500 minutes and 500 SMS and 50 MBs with ‘Telenor Djuice SMS Speech Bundle.’ additionally, you’ll find some additional weekly SMS packets.

The Telenor packages SMS provide for less than Rs 7 respectively 300 SMS and 1200 SMS for seven days. If you furthermore may want to receive some SMM Internet data, the 1200 SMS and 100MB free Internet in 10 Rs are available with a validity of seven days. Telenor Djuice Weekly Messaging Package may be a service. Telenor Weekly SMS Packages is offered by Telenor Pakistan, the price of the package is 7 Rs. Paki packages discuss all the details about Telenor weekly SMS packages and Telenor packages code. Just activate Telenor Weekly SMS Packages in just Rs. 11 and send Free SMS 1200 to any network in Pakistan. Enjoy Telenor Weekly SMS packages Offer for 7 Days. Telenor Weekly SMS packages are for those prepaid users who are not crazy chatters and want to use the SMS service only a few and far between.

Telenor SMS Package Monthly

With daily and weekly SMS bundles, Telenor also provides its customers with a variety of Telenor SMS package monthly. For an entire month, you’ll have the free text and talk with no fear. Telenor knows the way to get them back when the purchasers leave and provide the ‘Telenor Sim Lagao offer.’ The purchasers receive SIM activation for subsequent 60 days, for 3000 On-Net minutes, 3000 MB of knowledge.

To support its users Telenor offers some all rounding packages. All services offered by the corporate, like voice calls, SMS, and therefore the internet, comprise these packages. This Telenor packages SMS is the Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package, the Telenor Easy Card and Telenor super card Plus Package, and Telenor SMS package Monthly, and customers can access all services through one subscription. The subsequent Telenor packages SMS are available for every customer.

‘Telenor Djuice Monthly Messaging Package,’ which contains one of the most commonly used packages, allows customers to receive altogether networks 10,000 SMS and social media free data in only Rs 40, with 300 MBs (WhatsApp, Facebook). you’re keen on chatting? Don’t worry! all of your needs are met by Telenor. Telenor gives its users a limit of 6000 SMS for the whole month with the “Telenor SMS Package Monthly,” so no problem with the expiry of the Telenor packages SMS. Monthly SMS Packages offer you relief for an entire one month and you don’t need to worry about draining SMS or package expiry. It’s a one-time job for one month and offers great relief.

Telenor Customers can choose the package of their need which can give them relief for an entire one month. Telenor does an equivalent and to make sure that its customers stick with the network, the corporate offers an array of monthly voice, internet, and Telenor SMS package monthly for its users. Albeit the purchasers leave somehow, Telenor knows the way to bring them back; it offers ‘Telenor Sim Lagao Offer. The purchasers get 3000 On-Net minutes, 3000 MBs of knowledge for the next 60 days on SIM activation. ‘Telenor Djuice Monthly Messaging Bundle’ is one of the foremost widely used bundles; through this Telenor package, the purchasers can get 10,000 SMS on all networks and 300 MBs free internet data for Social Media (WhatsApp, Facebook) in just Rs 40. Telenor provides some all-rounder packages to facilitate its users. These Telenor packages SMS are comprised of all services provided by the corporate like voice call, and internet. These packages are Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package, Telenor Easy Card and Telenor super card, Telenor Easy Card and Telenor super card Plus Package, and thru these packages, the purchasers can get all services through one subscription.

Telenor Monthly SMS package has been more convenient. Activate the Telenor monthly SMS package and stay connected with loved ones. Telenor Monthly SMS Package is offered by Telenor Pakistan, the price of the package is 40 Rs. By activating Telenor monthly SMS packages, you can enjoy free texting and chat for a complete month without worries Telenor monthly SMS packages are for Telenor prepaid users.

Telenor Call Packages of Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Telenor has reached a replacement landmark of over 3 million active 4G subscribers. It provides daily, weekly, and monthly Telenor Call packages to facilitate their all client’s company. The several Telenor Call packages give customers options to satisfy their needs quickly. Telenor 4G continued to evolve its network and its offerings to satisfy the requirements of consumers with a continuing specialization in consumers’ expectations and thereby created a singular combination of accessibility and secure communication.

A list of valued service packages like Telenor Dujice Karachi’s Bundle, Telenor Five Minute Bundle, Telenor Mini-budget Package, and full-day Telenor packages are included in the Telenor call package. Paki Packages contains a comprehensive list of all the Telenor call packages.

Must-Read Important Conditions Before Subscribe the Telenor Packages

  • Telenor reserves the proper at any time to regulate the package fees.
  • Any Telenor call package may always be removed by the corporate.
  • The mechanics of the deal are often possible to switch.
  • Standard charges, i.e. 12,5 paisa (including tax) are paid a day once you subscribe to any Telenor call package.
  • The regular 12.5 paise are going to be purchased for this reason if you change the decision package.
  • All the above-mentioned Telenor call packages are tax included.
  • When you re-submit a bid, you increase the new bucket the previous free minutes, SMS, and internet MBs.
  • The validity of the prevailing recharge increases dramatically with any re-subscription.

Telenor Call Packages Daily

Telenor call packages Daily are best if you would like to talk for a couple of hours on one day and urgently. You’ll lose 100s of your network balance if you are doing not select any Telenor call packages daily and plan to call anyone on-net or off-net. Choose your own choice Telenor call packages daily on day to day consistent with your budget. At Paki packages, several Telenor call packages daily plans available at different prices which may be utilized for 1 day (24 hours). Telenor has launched a fresh offer for TELENOR customers, which offers prepayment clients 250 free minutes to call their friends and family who have TELENOR SIM. To subscribe to this Telenor call packages daily deal simply call *5250# and you’ll charge Rs11+tax. The deal expires at some point at 11:59 pm the day it’s signed up for.

For its clients, Telenor is incredible. The mini-budget package Telenor Pakistan is provided for 100 minutes, package prices are 18 Rs. This bundle is sweet for at some point, 300 Free SMS, 100 on-net, 0 off-net minutes. you’re now willing, by enabling a 100-minute mini-budget plan, to call anyone using WhatsApp, and text your friends and family at any time.

the Telenor daily call package is provided by Telenor Din Bhar Pakistan, package prices are 10 Rs. You’ll conveniently find instructions at Paki Packages about Telenor call packages daily.

Telenor call package offers you free call minutes for a cheap whole day to share your call with any Telenor number. Initially, Poora Pakistan’s 24-hour reward is different. But Telenor now provides 75 minutes on-net.

Telenor Prepaid Customers can choose the package of their need. Telenor daily call packages at some point are best if you would like to speak urgent and long for a couple of hours on one day. If you are doing not choose any of the daily call packages, and you are trying to call someone on-net or off-net, you would possibly find yourself losing 100s of your network balance.

In terms of Telenor call packages, Telenor offers a couple of affordable packages. The Telenor blast Offer provides unlimited on-net calls, and 250 MBs of the web for Facebook for two hours at PKR 6. For subscription, dial *345*20#. The Telenor International Voice Bundle offers 10 international minutes for twenty-four countries including China, Malaysia, Germany, etc. at PKR 16. Dial *345*7# to subscribe to this offer and therefore the validity is 24 hours. The Telenor Full Day Offer provides unlimited on-net calls alongside 50 MBs internet for all internet usage and 100 MBs for WhatsApp at PKR 13 for at some point. For subscription, dial *5*250#. Telenor addresses its customers’ requirements by offering attractive Telenor daily call packages. Telenor offers a variety of packages starting from Rs 5.5 to Rs 600. What this suggests is that you simply have tons of options to settle on from once you are trying to find an appropriate voice package as per your needs.

The lowest-priced Telenor daily call package is the ‘Telenor Djuice clock time Offer’ which costs just Rs 5 offering unlimited On-Net calls from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Another highly valued Telenor daily call package is ‘Telenor blast Offer’ which provides 10,000 On-Net minutes alongside 200 MBs internet. ‘Telenor Din Bhar Package’ provides 100,000 free On-Net minutes including 20 MBs internet data. Telenor Djuice 50 Minutes Bundle with 20 MBs mobile data, ‘Telenor Full Day Package’ with 100,000 On-Net free minutes, and 60 MBs internet data also offer great value for money.

‘Telenor Lagataar Calls Offer’ and ‘Telenor Djuice Daily Three Ka Scene Offer’ provide unlimited free on-network calls. Telenor also provides many other daily packages like Telenor Djuice Daily Three Ka Scene Offer, Telenor 50 Minutes Mini Budget Package, Telenor 50 Minutes Mini Budget Package, and Telenor 100 Minutes Mini Budget Package to call a couple of

Telenor Call Packages 1 day

Telenor call packages 1 day brings you the flexibility to use your phone all day with a Full Day Offer. Telenor call packages 1 day suitable for those who won’t call for a short time or fix time duration. Telenor call packages 1-day package contains a different amount of data mean a different number of on-net and off-net calling minutes, SMS, and internet data. Telenor call packages 1 day has introduced many budget plans that suitable for the majority of the customers.

Telenor 2 Hours Call Package

Activate Telenor Good Time Offer which is a Telenor 2 Hours Call Package. Now enjoy unlimited Telenor to Telenor 2 hours Call Package for just Rs. 6 only. Telenor 2 Hours Call Package along with other 4G internet offers and SMS Offers activate Telenor 2 hours call package and get 2 hours of calls to any Telenor number and 250 MB for Facebook.

Telenor other Network Call Packages

Telenor other Network Call Packages are most widely used by Telenor customers. Telenor is providing the best packages according to the use and low in cost. It offers very low-price call, SMS, and internet data packages with a huge range of coverage. Here is great news for Telenor users who are looking for Telenor other network call packages/offers so it’s a good offer for you. Telenor Haftwar Sahulat Offers this one of the best Telenor other network call packages. You can get some Telenor off-net minutes by subscribing to this Haftawar Sahulat Offer. This offer is for 7 days so you can enjoy this best offer as you want. Paki Packages give you a list of all  Telenor’s other network call packages and call Telenor to call packages code.

Telenor Packages Call Weekly

Telenor not only provides call packages daily but also offers weekly Telenor packages call with different features.

If you would like a beat one package ‘Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package’ may be a good selection which offers 1000 On-Net minutes, 70 Off-Net minutes, 700 free SMS to all or any networks and 1GB of Free internet data (valid between Plus 350 MB Social Pack). Easy Card weekly Telenor packages call offers 500 free SMS to all or any networks, 50 free Off-Net minutes, 500 Free On-Net minutes, and 750 MBs free internet.

Here are the entire details of Telenor call packages for the entire week that provide complete bundles including minutes on-net, off-net, SMS, and internet MBs. Alongside other incentives. However, customers have only two options to settle on from. With daily and monthly Telenor packages call, it’s also offered weekly Telenor call packages. There’s a selected method of call minutes for every package during a weekly list. The weekly schedule expires for seven days. The package of minutes of Telenor Djuice includes 700 SMS. The worth is 11.95 rupees for this pack.

The Telenor Chapar Phar Package is that the most favorable and cheap weekly package schedule. There are various Telenor call packages provided by the Telenor organization. The seven-day mini-budget is that the best plan for Telenor which provides 500 Telenor to Telenor free minutes, 1000 SMS, and 50 MBs free mobile data. This bundle can subscribe just in PKR 86 including tax.

Telenor Packages Call Monthly

Telenor may be a heavyweight in the Pakistani technology industry. They make sure that its customers meet the services. To try to an equivalent, a spread of Telenor packages calls and profitable agreements is that the best approach to deliver, and therefore the company does a tremendous job.

‘Telenor Sim Lagao offer’ provides Telenor 3000 Internet minutes and 3000 MBs for those that use their SIM cards at a lapse. The Monthly Telenor call packages. The Monthly Easy Card 450 provides 500 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 1 GB of internet for all usage + 2 GB WhatsApp, and 500 SMS at PKR 450 for 30 days. Dial *350# to subscribe to this offer. The Monthly Easy Card 600 renders 3000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 6GBs of data+6GB (1 am-11 am), and 3000 SMS at PKR 530 for 30 Days. For subscription, dial *530#. The Monthly Easy Card 800 provides 5000 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes, 9GB+9GB (1 am-11 am), and 5000 SMS at PKR 715 for 30 days. Dial *80# for subscribing to the present offer.

Telenor Internet Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Telenor is Pakistan’s only network service provider to possess the excellence of partnering with social media giant Facebook to offer users free Facebook Flex. This suggests that every customer gets to use a couple of free MBs of Facebook without deducting the fees. Not only this but at any refresh, Telenor sends a couple of free internets and social MBs.

Telenor provides its customers a good range of Telenor internet packages. The web packages of 3G and 4G contains differing volumes. You’ll choose any of Telenor internet packages that are suitable for your requirements at Paki Packages.

Telenor Hourly Internet Packages

In Telenor hourly internet packages, Telenor offers different Telenor internet packages according to a different volume, prices with their duration and also mentions the activation code to subscribe to that particular package. The Telenor Hourly internet packages are for Telenor prepaid users. Telenor hourly internet packages allow users to enjoy lightning-fast internet for 1 whole hour

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

If you don’t want to travel through the activation process of the bundle over and once again, just try Telenor’s daily internet packages. These Telenor daily internet packages offer you many MBs to hide your entire internet surfing, chat with friends on social media, and even download your favorite songs and video games. Review the packages, and pick your favorite.

The ‘Telenor Social Pack’ bundle offers 50 MBs of internet connectivity to subscribers. If users need voice call minutes, Telenor provides the ‘Good time Telenor’ package that gives unrestricted calls to customers additionally to 200 MBs. the purchasers can use 50 MBs of the social media info (Facebook).

Telenor Raat Din 3G 4G package also offers users 1.5 GB of internet data from midnight to noon only for Rs 15. the corporate is additionally offering a fairly affordable Telenor daily internet package.

Telenor customers can use Facebook Flex completely free at some point, because of the collaboration between the 2 giants. there’s no need for the subscription of any particular package to use Facebook Flex.

It means is that Facebook is freed from cost. If you would like to use other Social Media networks, they’re also almost free. Telenor offers three different Telenor daily internet packages for its prepaid customers. You’ll choose the package of your choice. The primary one is that the Telenor daily Light Bundle that brings you the best-in-class 4G with better speed and affordable rates. The other is that the Raat Din Offer that brings a crazy amount of knowledge to stay you going for hours. The last one is that the Telenor Video Bundle that permits you to observe as many videos as you would like on YouTube, Daily Motion, and Pocket TV for one hour. Telenor offers some affordable Telenor daily internet packages for its valuable customers. The Daily YouTube package of Telenor provides 500 MBs of knowledge for YouTube at PKR 8 at some point. Dial *60# to subscribe to this offer. The Telenor off-peak package offers 1500 MB of knowledge at some point but the offer is going to be available between 6 AM – 6 PM. The worth of the package is PKR 15. You’ll dial *10# to subscribe to this offer.

Telenor 3 Day Internet Package

Telenor 3 Day Internet Packages allow users to enjoy uninterrupted internet and stay connected with loved ones for 3 whole days. These Telenor 3 day internet packages give you uninterrupted internet access for 3 days, without any interruption. 4G data bundle offer 200 MBs and 200 MBs for Facebook for 3 days just in Rs. 49 and to subscribe dial *32#. Telenor 3-day internet package offers which provide 150 MBs mobile data, 150 on-net minutes, 15 off-net minutes, and 150 SMS with a validity of 3 days in Rs. 30 only.

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

You can also subscribe to Telenor weekly internet packages rather than daily packs. It also provides its respected customers a spread of offers. Simply turn it on once and luxuriate in free Telenor weekly internet packages remainder. If you don’t want to travel through the activation process of the pack over and once again, just try Telenor weekly data packets. These Telenor weekly internet packages offer you many MBs to your entire internet surfing, chat with friends on social media, and even download your favorite songs and video games. Review the packages, and pick your favorite.

Offers like Telenor 4G Weekly Super Offer and Telenor Mehran Internet Offer are ideal for internet users to receive internet data as they want. The Telenor Easy Card Weekly package provides consumers with a 750 MB range alongside other services. Another widely popular package.

The weekly packages, like ‘Telenor 7 Day Mini Budget Package’ and ‘Telenor HAFTOWAR SAHULAT Package,’ contain free voice calls, free SMS, 50MBs, and 1000MBs respectively.

If someone wants both internet and free involves minutes, then the Telenor offers “Telenor Haftawar Chappar Phaar Package,” which provides 70 MB of internet additionally to 2000 On-Net minutes. Only internet users are equipped with the Telenor 4G Weekly Package and therefore the Telenor 4G Weekly Unlimited Day Time Package; this Telenor weekly internet packages provide 750 MBs, and 25 MBs on the Rs 75 and Rs 85, respectively.

These Telenor weekly internet packages include 1500 MBs and 3000 MBs respectively (by Rs 50 balance). especially, the corporate offers ‘Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra’ to clients who need enough internet data. the web data is out there at 4GB (1000 MB for Goonj/GameBox) every week for Rs 160.

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor has introduced special subscription offers for normal internet users that are available for the subsequent 30 days. You’ll enjoy free internet with Djuice Telenor monthly internet packages for a full month. These buckets have ample capacity to be used during the whole month. If you’re one of the heavy data users try Telenor monthly internet packages from Telenor. You’re given many MBs in these packages to enjoy internet browsing, uploading your stuff, and sharing posts on social media. For the entire month, you remain tension-free regarding the utilization of internet info. inspect the sets, and pick the one you would like.

While the ‘Telenor Djuice Monthly beat One Deal’ provides 5GB of Internet information additionally to free Rs 150 balance in Rs 350. For people that love all-inclusive packages, like calls, SMS, and Internet, the corporate offers its ‘Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package.’ However, the users can get 12GB of Rs750 internet data by subscribing to the “Telenor 3G/4G Monthly Starter Offer.”

3GB of the web and three,000 online minutes are available to customers. the corporate has 10,000 SMS and 350 MBs of Internet data available to DJuices customers for Rs40. For Rs 170, Rs 250, 2000 MBs, and 8000 MB, respectively, are provided as ‘Telenor 4G Monthly Data Bundle.’

Telenor 4G features a huge sort of Telenor monthly internet packages. Through the Monthly Social Pack, you get 100 MBs of knowledge for all usage and 3000 MBs of knowledge for WhatsApp and Facebook at PKR 44.45 for a month. Dial *911# to subscribe to this offer. The 4G Monthly Lite offers 2 GBs of knowledge + 1 GB of knowledge for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox at PKR 150 for 30 days. Dial *301 to subscribe to this offer. The 4G Monthly Ultra package provides 10 GBs of knowledge + 10 GBs which may be used between 12 AM to eight AM. The Mega Monthly Offer provides 75 GBs of knowledge which may be used between 12 am to 12 pm at PKR 175 for 30 days. Dial *29# to subscribe to this offer.

Telenor 4G Packages

Telenor offers several Telenor 4g packages. Telenor is not offering weekly or three-day Telenor internet packages for Telenor Postpaid customers. However, they can get Two different Telenor 4G packages. Telenor 4G Packages overall the usage types be it daily, weekly, monthly, 3-Day & Social Data Bucket, Prepaid & Telenor postpaid.

Telenor Night Internet Packages

Telenor is one of the best telecommunication companies it offers the best Telenor internet packages. Telenor night internet packages are best for the user who love to awake at night. Telenor night internet packages details are available on Paki packages. Paki packages give you all details about Telenor night internet packages including Telenor packages code, validation, and much more.

Telenor Free Internet Packages

Telenor offers a variety of 3G/4G data packages and Telenor free internet packages ranging from cost-free to around 6000 rupees catered to particular requirements of numerous individuals. The Telenor free internet packages time limit could be 1 day, a week, or a month. Some heavy-duty internet offers are also available for devices. Some exclusive add-ons are also available alongside the Telenor free internet packages data provided such as Free off-Net Minutes, Free On-Net Minutes, Free SMS.

Telenor WhatsApp Packages

Paki Packages share with you the best Telenor WhatsApp packages and Telenor free WhatsApp code. Telenor brings some amazing Telenor WhatsApp packages for its users. Paki packages categorized all the WhatsApp offers into daily, weekly, and monthly for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Telenor Pakistan is not allowing any other network to give the best Telenor WhatsApp packages and that’s the reason that Telenor WhatsApp packages are the best in the country so far. The Norwegian company is providing Telenor free WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telenor free WhatsApp code. Telenor WhatsApp package also contains other incentives like free SMS and calls which make it a combo of all resources. Telenor Free WhatsApp package is also available if you do not have much to spend.

Telenor Free WhatsApp Packages

The Telenor company is giving free 2GB WhatsApp for 30 days. Telenor Free WhatsApp only needs Rs. 0.01 at the time of activation.  This package is valid for all Djuice and Telenor users. Telenor free WhatsApp code is *247#

Telenor Whatsapp Package Monthly

Telenor Pakistan is also offering monthly WhatsApp and Facebook packages for its customers. Telenor WhatsApp package monthly gives you 3000 MB WhatsApp and Facebook data on the load of Rs. 50 only. This offer is valid for 30 days. You will get 100 MB extra Internet data as well. Telenor WhatsApp package monthly is valid for all 2G, 3G, and 4G users. Telenor WhatsApp package monthly is up to date and works on both Telenor and Djuice Users.


What is Telenor’s new sim offer?

Telenor’s new sim offer includes free calls and internet for the next 60 days by reactivating your Telenor SIM. To get Telenor’s new sim offer Call 2222 (charges: Rs. 0.2) or SMS “FREE” to 2222 to get the package and your free bonus will be posted on the same day.

What is the Telenor sim lagao offer code?

Telenor sim lagao offer code is 2222.

What is the Telenor helpline number?

The Telenor helpline number is 1700.

What is Telenor Loan Code?

The Telenor loan code is *0#.

What is Telenor Balance Check Code?

The Telenor balance check code is *444#.

Does Telenor offer Telenor Internet Packages Monthly 2022?

Yes, Telenor offers Telenor Internet Packages Monthly 2022. Telenor internet packages monthly 2022 are best for web lovers all details are available on Paki packages.

Does Telenor offer Telenor data packages?

YES, Telenor offers several Telenor data packages. ALL the Telenor data packages information available on Paki Packages.

How to Check Telenor Package?

Paki Packages give you all the details about the Telenor packages code.

How to Share Telenor Balance?

To share an amount, type the following code on your mobile phone and press send *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount# and press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.

How can I get Telenor postpaid packages?

Telenor offers many Telenor postpaid packages. Paki packages give you all the details about Telenor postpaid packages.

How to Check Telenor Balance?

To check Telenor balance dial *444#.

Does Telenor offer Telenor unlimited internet packages?

Yes, Telenor offers Telenor unlimited packages, and all Telenor internet packages details are available on Paki Packages.

What is the Telenor advance code?

Telenor Advance provides you with an advance of Rs. 15 if your balance is below Rs. 15. Telenor advance code is *0# and gets 15 RS Telenor balance anytime anywhere!

What is Telenor Call Packages Code?

Telenor call packages code is available on Paki packages. Visit Paki packages Telenor packages page and get all the Telenor call packages code.

Does Telenor offer Telenor data sim packages?

If you are searching for Telenor data sim packages then you are in right place. Paki packages tell you about all the Telenor data sim packages.

How did I know about Telenor Internet Packages Weekly Code?

Telenor gives all the Telenor Internet Packages Weekly Code along with details. Paki packages collect all Telenor internet packages weekly code at one page.

What is Telenor Card Load Code?

The Telenor card load code is *555* followed by 14-digit code on the scratch card and then #.

What is Telenor Sim Number Check Code?

Telenor sim number check code is *8888#.

Does Telenor offer a Telenor band sim offer?

To get Telenor band sim offer Call 2222 (charges: Rs.0.2) or SMS “FREE” to 2222 to get the package and your free bonus will be posted on the same day.

What is Telenor free minutes code?

Telenor free minutes code is *5*100#.

What is Telenor’s free internet code?

There is many Telenor free internet code. All details are available on Paki Packages. Just visit

Does Telenor offer Telenor Facebook packages?

Yes, Telenor offers several Telenor Facebook packages. Paki Packages gives You all the details about Telenor Facebook packages. Telenor Facebook packages are available at a very low price.

What is Telenor’s free WhatsApp code?

The Telenor free WhatsApp code is *247#.

What is Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Code 2022?

Telenor offers many monthly WhatsApp packages. All details are available on Paki Packages.

What is Telenor Free SMS code 2022?

Telenor offers Telenor free SMS code 2022. Customers will dial *1122# for a free subscription. Paki Packages gives you details about Telenor Free SMS code 2022.

Does Telenor offer Telenor Internet Packages Monthly 2020?

Yes, Telenor offers Telenor Internet Packages Monthly 2020. Telenor internet packages monthly 2020 are best for web lovers all details are available on Paki packages.