Gan 356

The Gan 356RS

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Originally known as the GAN 356S, the Gan 356RS is a 3×3 speed puzzle cube. The first Gan cube to use in a world record, the GAN 356 has been released in stickerless form, and has been breaking records since its launch.

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GAN 356 is a 3×3 magnetic speed cube made by Gan, a puzzle brand known for its innovative designs and high quality cubes. It has been used by some of the best speedcubers in the world.

It has a unique omnidirectional magnetic core which provides an extraordinary speedcubing experience. Gans also pioneered the use of interchangeable magnets in their 3x3s. They now offer a wide range of options in the form of GES Nuts and null magnets.

The 356X has many of the features of the 3x3s. But it comes in a smaller package. This makes it easy for cubers with smaller hands. In addition, it has a softer, springier feel.

Gans 356XS is an upgraded version of the 356X. Gans redesigned it and added a new customisation feature. While the 356XS retained the buttery smooth feeling, it featured improvements to the corner cutting.

Gans cubes are extremely fast and stable. Their honeycomb lube track allows the lubricant to evenly line the cube. Also, the corner contact points have a unique design that provides a smoother feel.

Magnetic options

If you’re considering purchasing a Gan 356 or are looking for a new cube, you might want to consider how magnetic options affect the overall feel of the cube. The first 3x3s to feature interchangeable magnets were produced by Gans, but Cubicle Labs also contributed to the development of magnetism.

GMS (Gan Magnetic System) allows you to change the strength of the magnets in the corners. It’s also possible to upgrade the core of the cube with different magnets. This helps to improve the cube’s performance.

Gans is known for its fast puzzles. They also have a unique honeycomb design that allows for a smoother, more even feel. You can choose from three different surface finishes. Depending on your preference, you can have a black, frosted, or primary internal color.

Another option you may consider is a Gan 356M. This model has an alternative set of GES nuts and springs. While it has a similar look and feel to the GAN XS, this model doesn’t have as many customization options.

Pyraminx compatibility

If you are a Gans enthusiast, you probably have seen a Gan 356. This is the flagship cube of the line. It has a lot of features, but it is also expensive. While it is a well crafted piece of cubing equipment, it isn’t cheap.

The GAN 356 is a great example of a smart cube. It is made with Bluetooth technology, comes with a charging base, and features a gyroscope to record solve movements. In addition, it is compatible with the Cube App.

One of the most interesting aspects of the 356 is its magnetic system. Not only are the magnets strong, but they are adjustable, meaning that you can customize them to suit your needs.

Another feature is the Dual Adjustment System, which allows you to adjust the distance between each spring and the GES nut. You can also change the strength of each magnet in each corner.

What’s more, you can even use the dual adjustment system to swap out the GES nuts. This is a big plus for a high-end gaming console.


The Gan 356 was the first Gan puzzle. It was a three-layered, 57mm cube with many ridges and a buttery smooth turning. In early 2015, it was released alongside the GAN box v1. This cube was able to cut up to 30 degrees, reverse, and up to 50 degrees in the corner.

A couple years after the release of the Gans 356, Gans introduced their GMS v1. The new version allows you to change the strength of the corner magnets. You can also swap out the core magnets if you prefer a different configuration. These are great options for those who want to change up the way their cube works.

Since then, Gan has produced a number of puzzles, such as the Gan Cube Bag. This has a self-solving capability, along with a scramble feature and a template. They also manufacture other puzzles, such as the Skewb and Megaminx. Their latest product is a cube-solving robot called the Gan Robot.