Tips on how to make a fidget spinner

Tips on how to make a fidget spinner

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A spinner is a toy typically made of bearings that can be spun in one hand. It is often used to help people focus or relieve anxiety. Fidget spinners keep your hands busy, which has many benefits and functions, like reducing stress levels and keeping your mind alert. Fidget spinners are made with bearings which are called a toy. A regular spinner consists of three main parts: a bearing, a high-strength magnetic button, and two rings of plastic that keep the bearing in place.

Tips on how to make a fidget spinner

Below are some tips on making a fidget spinner, which you can use for fun or school work.

1. Gathering materials

The first thing you need to do is to gather all of the materials you will use when making a fidget spinner. Materials include bearings, screws or a screwdriver, pliers, and metal wire.

2. Prepare the bearings

Before proceeding with the construction of your spinner, you should prepare your bearings. If they are loose, put them into a vice and tighten them a bit. If they have plastic caps on them, then you can remove them and discard those caps because they will get in the way of your work later on when you are trying to add screws to your bearing.

3. Making the core

Hold two bearings in the middle while inserting them into the spinner. After you have them in place, you can secure the remaining bearings on the outer edges of your spinner.

4. Adding a screw and magnet

This is perhaps one of the trickiest parts of making a fidget spinner because it requires a lot of skill to secure the material properly so that it does not come loose or move around when not used. Use pliers to secure your screw and insert it into it as you would with a normal bearing. After that, add your magnet and cut off any excess material so that it will not block your bearing from spinning smoothly or being held by a magnet. You can also use a higher magnet strength if you’re looking for a stronger fidget spinner to hold.

5. Making the outside part

The last part of making your fidget spinner is creating the outside part. This is done by following the same steps in creating the core of your spinner. Make at least two rings, but three are recommended to make a stronger spinner. If you want to, you can add decorative aspects like painting or sticking on some stickers from an old toy to look unique and give it more visual appeal. If you prefer to use custom stickers, you can get them at


Now you know how to make a fidget spinner, and the next time you see one at the store, you will be confident in making one yourself. Not only does it save money, but it is also comforting to know that you can make your fidget spinner if you run out of bearings. Using these tips and tricks will allow anyone to smoothly create their fidget spinners without worrying about safety or being able to do it independently. Making your fidget spinner is not just for fun and games, but it also helps with school work, from helping students with ADHD get more focused on what they are doing when their hands are occupied with something else, like playing with fidget spinners.