Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider Sustainable Packaging for Your Business

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If you have turned on the TV in the last few years, you have likely heard a lot about climate change and environmental issues. This focus on helping the environment and reducing waste and emissions has encouraged many consumers to seek out companies with sustainability programs, including their packaging, such as stick packaging. These are some reasons you should consider using sustainable packaging.

Sustainable Packaging Defined

Sustainable packaging uses materials that are safe and healthy, and it benefits the community during its production, use and disposal. Manufacturers should use renewable energy to source raw materials, manufacture the packaging and transport it to the companies that will use it, and its raw materials should be recyclable or renewable.

The manufacturing process should include clean production processes and technologies. This packaging does not waste space and its manufacturing process does not waste energy. Most options also use recycled materials during their production.

Attract More Investors

Did you ever think that your sustainability practices would attract investors? How about your packaging options? Banks and investors have become more aware of the need for eco-friendly business practices. In fact, many prefer specific environmental scores and projects before they will invest in your company. These financiers also have sustainability goals, and they want to work with companies that have similar objectives.

Whether you need short-term financing for a new initiative or seek investors to pursue growth opportunities, you need investors and financiers. In addition, your environmental score can negatively impact your company’s value.

Reduced Costs

When you purchase sustainable packaging, such as mylar bags custom, your options typically fit your product perfectly, reducing the raw materials and energy used to produce it. You can also save money on warehouse space because these products typically take less space to store, which you can then use for merchandise storage.

You should also experience reduced shipping costs. Packaging that uses recycled materials is lighter in weight, and new packaging eliminates wasted space. These factors reduce the shipping cost of your merchandise.

A Green Way To Boost Profits

Many of today’s packaging solutions providers use recycled materials, but some also offer plant-based options, such as plastics made from corn, seaweed and mushrooms. Some of these products are actually edible, while customers can plant others. They can feed gardens or grow plants of their own. Other packaging options are biodegradable or compostable.

Many packaging manufacturers have also reduced the energy required to produce these products and have supplemented some of their energy requirements with green or renewable options.

Packaging That Has No Allergens and Toxins

Your customers focus more on how products impact their health than ever before, and they evaluate not only products but what you package them in. Bioplastics and other biodegradable packaging tend to be free of allergens and toxins. They protect your customers, but they also protect the earth when they get thrown out, so they don’t impact the water supply or land negatively.

Fortunately, manufacturers can produce sustainable and biodegradable packaging on the same machinery as they do other product packaging options, keeping their switching costs low and transferring those savings onto you.

Whether you choose low MOQ custom packaging or not, consider adopting sustainable packaging for yourself and your customers.