Under the Oak Tree

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Under The Oak Tree opens with the wedding of Maximilian and Riftan. The book then jumps to three years later, when Maximilian is hearing her husband’s footsteps in the house. The rumor is that he is coming to ask for a divorce and marry the princess. Her father is furious, and she is called ugly. The story follows these events and their subsequent reactions.


The webtoon “Maximillian Under the Oak Tree” is based on the novel of the same name. Maximilian is a duke’s daughter who marries a knight of low status. The husband leaves for an expedition without saying a word, and he returns three years later as one of the most famous knights of the entire continent.

Maximilian hasn’t seen her husband since their wedding night three years ago, but rumors are rife that he wants a divorce. It’s up to Maximilian to save her marriage and prevent the divorce. The novel is a fantasy novel with poetic language and a cartoon style. The stuttering Maximilian has is heightened by her position next to Riftan, who is nearly two meters taller than she is. She is also referred to as “ugly” by her father, and is not very confident in her ability to speak and move.


The Anatol castle is owned by Riftan Calypse, who built it with strong walls and defenses. He lives here with his wife, Maxi, and almost 100 servants and knights. Anatol has some really unique features, and it’s definitely worth visiting!


If you’ve ever seen a woodpecker under an oak tree, you may be surprised to learn that it’s an acorn woodpecker. This bird spends a large part of its year foraging for acorns, but you can see that it’s taking a break under a tree. While you’re watching this bird, make sure to look closely at the branches and the ground around him.

Acorn Woodpeckers are native to the Pacific Northwest. They are common in parts of Oregon, southern British Columbia, and southwest Washington. They don’t migrate far and are tolerant of human activity.