Body Harmonization

What is Body Harmonization?

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Body harmonization is a process in which different organs in the body are synchronized with each other. This is also known as a state of physical balance and is the basis for the health and well-being of a person. There are various ways in which body harmony can be achieved. Some of these techniques include breath, movement, relaxation, study of signs, and techniques used by practitioners.

Continuum Breath and Movement

Continuum Breath and Movement is a form of harmonização corporal. This process can help you release beliefs, release physical tension, heal past traumas, enhance your health and improve function.

In a Continuum class, participants are guided through a series of exercises using breath and movements. These exercises increase the vitality of the fluid system by activating and enhancing spirals and circularity. The practice also stimulates a wide range of internal sensations.

During individual sessions, practitioners work on reorganizing and rejuvenating bones, muscles and joints. They also pay attention to the underlying stresses in the tissues. By combining careful observation with active listening, Body Harmonists create an environment that encourages learning from the tissues.

Inter-Committee Meeting or Meeting of Chairpersons take on the mandate of harmonization

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Signs of an unwell body

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Techniques used by practitioners

Body Harmonization is a holistic approach to bodywork that seeks to identify the root causes of stress and tension in the body and facilitate a transformation of the emotional, physical, and psychological responses to these stressors. It is a hands-on approach to resolving problems that is often used by professionals and individuals alike.

This is a two-way process, requiring both the practitioner and the client to openly share their experiences. The practitioner combines careful observation with active listening. He or she observes the client’s reactions to verbal and energetic statements and the body’s responses to the practitioner’s touch.

Through these processes, the client and practitioner develop goals that are then carried out physically. They often begin by walking, and then move on to a vertical or horizontal phase, with the goal being to identify the areas of functional change that need to be achieved.

Study of body harmony signs

If you are interested in studying Body Harmony, there are some things to know. For starters, you’ll want to get acquainted with some of the basic principles of the technique.

The basic idea is that all bodies respond to touch, observation, and change. These responses are subtle and sometimes invisible. They are reflected in changes in blood and tissue texture, and in the flow of energy through the body. Getting a glimpse of these signals can help you improve your treatment.

Another important element of Body Harmony is working with breath. By learning to use the breath, you’ll be able to access the body more easily from a variety of angles.