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Examples of AI Tools to Help Educators Teach With AI

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There are several tools that are available to help educators teach with AI. Some of them include Knowji, ChatGPT, Elink, and Gradescope. Using these apps is a great way to get students engaged and help them learn how to apply these technologies in their daily lives.


ChatGPT is a free chatbot that has garnered a fair amount of attention. Developed by OpenAI, it uses data provided by the user and generates a response. The resulting output is formulaic in content and style.

It may be the best AI-generated chatbot available on the market, but there are a few notable shortcomings. For instance, it doesn’t search the web for current events or new information. This makes it vulnerable to security attacks.

Another limitation is that it doesn’t handle basic math problems. While this might seem like a minor issue, getting a number wrong can be costly. You could end up with an overdue bill or a visit from a government agency.


DALL-E is a tool that uses a sophisticated artificial intelligence model to create realistic, photorealistic images. It works quickly, and can produce images with great detail. The system learns concepts by viewing millions of images.

OpenAI, a San Francisco-based company that is funded by Microsoft and Elon Musk, has a similar system. They say that their model’s capabilities are growing as well.

OpenAI’s content policy prohibits images of violence, illegal activities, and hate. However, it does allow images of the 79-year-old white American president.

There are several ways to access the tool. First, you can sign up through Google or Microsoft. After that, you’ll receive a text code by SMS. Once you enter your security code, you’ll be able to generate a DALL-E account. You’ll get a limited number of free images, and you can pay for more.

Design AI

Design AI tools can help you to streamline your business. This includes determining who your customers are and how to reach them. Plus, you can save on employee costs.

There are many different types of AI tools. Some are designed to solve specific problems, such as generating high-quality images. Others can automate tasks like updating product information. Still others, such as chatbots, can answer customer questions and cross-sell products.

The best of the bunch is a custom-designed AI tool that learns about your business and makes smart decisions. These can be used to monitor employee performance and communicate with them.


Gradescope is a digital tool that enables students to submit work and receive feedback. This tool can streamline grading processes for instructors and provide students with a smoother experience.

The Gradescope app is available for free and is designed for students to submit work through mobile devices. Students can upload photos of their work to be evaluated. As a result, instructors can view student work in real time.

Instructors can view the grades of individual students and class groups. This helps to ensure consistency in scoring.

Students can also request regrades and report grading errors. This is a great way to encourage students and improve their overall satisfaction with the course.