Is Friday Health Plans Good For North Carolina?

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A new entrant in the health insurance market in North Carolina, Friday Health Plans will begin offering health coverage in 40 counties in January. The Denver-based company started in 2015 and has since raised $210 million. It has also grown its membership fourfold in the past year. The company offers Affordable Care Act-compliant health plans.

Friday Health Plans

Friday Health Plans is a relatively new entrant to the North Carolina health insurance market, but they’re already proving themselves to be a promising company. Starting in January, they will offer health coverage in 40 counties throughout the state. The Denver-based company was formed in 2015 and has since raised $210 million. As of early 2017, it’s grown its membership nearly four times. The company offers a variety of Affordable Care Act-compliant plans.

Friday’s primary focus is providing affordable coverage for the masses. As a small, locally-owned company, it aims to provide a cheaper alternative than the large insurers in its market. It offers a zero-premium health plan, unlimited primary care visits, mental health counseling sessions, and annual vision and wellness checkups for members. Additionally, members are entitled to thousands of preferred generic drugs and preventative medicines at no cost. Furthermore, Friday’s plans can be combined with financial assistance from the federal insurance exchange for increased savings.


Friday Health Plans has entered the health insurance market in North Carolina, where they will offer coverage in 40 counties starting in January. Founded in Denver in 2015, the company has raised $210 million in funding and plans to expand its services to seven states. In addition to offering health insurance policies that meet ACA standards, Friday plans offer members free mental health counseling sessions, annual vision and wellness checkups, and thousands of preferred generic drugs and preventative medicines.

The company’s plans are designed to be affordable and convenient for individuals and families. Their plans cover 10 essential health benefits, including $0 copayments for primary care and most telehealth services. The plans also cover urgent care visits for $75. They are available in the health insurance marketplace and through licensed brokers.

Gold Plan

The Friday health plans are aimed at Americans who are choosing to purchase their own health insurance policies. They will debut in Georgia in 2022, during open enrollment, and their Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans will be among the cheapest options available. These plans will offer a wide range of coverage options at low prices, but the biggest advantage is that they come with no copays and are deductible free.

Founded by David Pinkert and Sal Gentile, Friday Health Plans are designed to meet the needs of those who buy their own health insurance. Their products are regulated by state insurance divisions and are available both online and through licensed brokers. They provide a range of affordable health insurance plans to individuals and small businesses, and they are compliant with the Affordable Care Act. They are a health insurance marketplace that allows individuals to compare prices from multiple providers and find the best deal.

Catastrophic Plan

There are many different types of health plans available from Friday Health Plans. You can choose from individual, small group, catastrophic, and gold plans. Each plan has its own benefits and costs. Some plans are better than others based on your health care needs. For those of you under 30 years old, the Friday Catastrophic Plan is a great choice. The plan covers many of the basic needs of a person and has benefits like three free office visits per year, a yearly eye exam, and unlimited phone calls with doctors.

A catastrophic health plan is a good choice for those who are concerned about high medical costs. These plans generally have a high deductible, but they will cover certain preventative services for free. They also cover up to three primary care visits per year without a copay. The downside of catastrophic health plans is that you won’t be able to receive premium tax credits.

Financial aid

If you are looking for affordable health insurance coverage, you may be able to get it through Friday Health Plans. The company is relatively new to the North Carolina health insurance market, but it plans to expand its presence in the coming years. It will offer health coverage in 40 counties starting in January. The company was founded in Denver in 2015 and has since raised $210 million to expand to seven states. Since then, it has grown its membership by four times. It also offers Affordable Care Act-compliant plans.

Friday Health Plans was founded in 2015 by David Pinkert and Sal Gentile to offer health insurance to consumers. It has since grown through organic growth and acquisitions, and now employs more than 600 people nationwide. It has operations centers in Alamosa and Pueblo, Colorado.