Tips For Choosing Luxury Vacations Based on Authenticity

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Absolute Travel is the world’s leading luxury travel specialist. The 24-year-old company recently launched an experiential luxury travel website. It will ask the world: Where do you want to go? The travel company will match your preferences with the perfect trip. For example, you can choose a luxury getaway for two that includes a stay at The Sukhothai Bangkok and four nights at Six Senses Samui. The package also includes a private guide, land and domestic airfare.


Authenticity is increasingly a key factor in luxury travel. Travelers who desire an authentic experience are more likely to choose destinations that are off the beaten path. The following are some tips for choosing luxury vacations based on authenticity: first, understand your preferences. For example, if you’re looking for a luxury vacation that emphasizes local culture, you may want to choose a boutique hotel instead of a luxury resort. Another option is to stay in a family’s home to get a true local experience.

Another way to enhance authenticity is to make sure that the staff members you interact with are real. Authenticity is important for travelers because they want to feel connected to the places they visit. For example, Wilderness Safaris places a heavy emphasis on building a connection with locals. Guests have told stories about the Rwandan bartender they met while on safari. This type of experience is important to travelers, who want to leave a positive impact on the places they visit.

Access to unusual experiences

For luxury travellers, access to unusual experiences is key. Rather than settling for cramped cabins or small, obscure hotels, they want to take part in activities that would normally only be available to their family or friends. This is the essence of exclusivity and is one of the most sought-after features of luxury travel.

Availability of multigenerational trips

According to the MMGY Global Portrait of American Travelers, a survey of more than 40 percent of American travelers, the availability of multigenerational trips is on the rise. These trips can bring the entire family together and provide the elderly with the social interaction they need to maintain their cognitive function. The trips also promote physical and mental health through socializing with children and adults. Regular, low-impact exercise strengthens the neural pathways in the brain, which helps older travelers protect against dementia.

The most common type of multigenerational trip is a cruise. A cruise includes all meals, entertainment, and accommodations. It also gives the family a chance to explore new ports of call without having to pack up their belongings. Additionally, the trip is usually more affordable than a traditional vacation.

Artificial intelligence based voice search

Artificial intelligence based voice search for luxury travel has the potential to transform the travel experience for customers. The travel industry already holds massive data stacks. By using voice recognition technology to cater to the needs of travelers, hotels can add value to their customers’ stay. It can also reduce the need for phone operators and concierge services. However, voice recognition technology is not perfect for all travelers, so companies need to evaluate the benefits before deploying it in their business.

Voice search is a fast and convenient way to conduct searches. It is quicker than typing and can be carried out while performing other activities. However, it can lead to errors because of a limited number of options available for exploring search results. It is important to remember that voice recognition is not a virtual assistant.


Using a smartphone to book trips is an increasingly popular way to enjoy luxury travel and vacations, according to a new survey by Travelport. Nearly 61 percent of U.S. travelers booked a trip through a mobile device in the past year. More than half of these consumers also use social media posts to research their leisure trips. Another 32 percent post feedback on their experiences.

The batteries on most smartphones are still inadequate, which can be a major problem when traveling. Even though processors have improved and screens have gotten bigger and thinner, finding a phone that will last a full day is still a challenge. That said, there are some smartphones on the market that offer long battery life.