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Top 5 Spy Phone Apps

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Spy Phone Apps are great ways to monitor a mobile device without the owner knowing. You can use them in the workplace to prevent information leakage and improve labor productivity. You can even install them on a cell phone of a friend or a relative who is unkind to you. You can use them to find out who is sending you private or confidential messages. They can help you prevent all sorts of problems, but you should only use them wisely.

Spapp Monitoring

Spapp Monitoring is a Spy Phone App smartphone application that allows you to monitor the activities of your target’s mobile device. It allows you to monitor the device’s location in real-time and has a variety of features. These include remote commands, watchlist, and the ability to monitor location while offline.

It is possible to keep a record of all phone calls made and received by a user. The app will create a call log and display incoming and outgoing calls. It will also list missed calls. Spapp Monitoring also allows you to add specific contacts to dedicated lists and get instant alerts about their activity. This way, you can monitor certain people or companies without compromising your privacy.


If you’ve ever wished you could track every incoming and outgoing call made by a target phone, uMobix is the app for you. It collects call logs on target phones and displays them in chronological order. This feature lets you see who called whom, when, and for how long. You can also sort the calls by type and telephone number. The app also keeps track of deleted and declined calls.

uMobix is available for both iOS and Android devices. For iOS, you need the target user’s iCloud credentials and email address. Then, select the device from the dropdown list. uMobix asks you for several security permissions, which you must allow it. Without these, the app will not be able to install on the phone.


mSpy is a powerful spy phone app that tracks activity on a target phone. This application sends reports to a designated account. You can access the reports at any time. The app operates in stealth mode, which means it is not detected by the target phone’s owner.

mSpy provides detailed information about incoming and outgoing calls on a target phone. It also lets you know how much time a certain contact spends talking on the target phone. You can also block specific contacts or stop them from calling for a specific period of time. Furthermore, mSpy allows you to follow a target user’s movements within twenty meters.


iKeyMonitor is an application that lets you monitor the activity on your children’s cell phones and tablets. The app requires physical access to the target device and will only function properly if you unlock it and enter your login credentials. You can also monitor calls, texts, social networking posts, and other activities that take place on the device.

The first feature of iKeyMonitor is its ability to record calls. The program will record audio calls and upload them to your account. The app also enables you to listen to recorded calls. However, the voice is distorted.


Mobisafer Spy Phone App is one of the best mobile monitoring apps available. It backups all crucial data from the targeted phone and helps you monitor calls, SMS messages, social media posts, and other activities on the phone remotely. You can use this app to keep an eye on your children’s phone, monitor employee productivity, and even protect yourself from fraudulent activity.

Mobisafer is a powerful mobile monitoring application for Android devices. It can record calls and SMS, track social media messages, and record phone location. It’s one of the few mobile spy apps available without jailbreaking the target’s phone. Most other spy apps require jailbreaking, which removes Apple’s restrictions.