tow truck in Zawiercie

Tow Truck Service in Zawiercie

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If you have a broken down car and are looking for a reliable and affordable Laweta Zawiercie, look no further. The Holmes Towing Company has been building tow trucks for more than 90 years. Its vehicles are custom built for easy operation and maintenance. Hire one of its vehicles today for a competitive price.

DrogowaPomoc tow truck service

A DrogowaPomoc tow truck is a great way to save money and prevent damage to your vehicle. It is much more affordable than flatbed towing and can fit into small parking structures. These trucks can also handle the task of towing cars in the middle of traffic. Additionally, DrogowaPomoc tow trucks can protect your tires and rims, so they won’t get damaged during the tow process.

Another advantage of a DrogowaPomoc tow truck is its efficiency. A DrogowaPomoc tow truck consumes significantly less fuel than a flatbed truck, and is therefore more economical to run. DrogowaPomoc tow trucks are also easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Modern tow trucks can lift up to 70 tons

While a traditional tow truck could only lift a few tons, modern heavy-duty tow trucks can lift up to 70 tons. Many of the modern heavy-duty tow trucks can also lift overturned semis. Today’s tow trucks have sophisticated features such as integrated boom lifts, which allow them to handle more difficult situations.

Before the invention of modern tow trucks, people were forced to abandon their cars after getting stranded. During this time, draft animals were used to rescue wagons and carriages. Sometimes, Good Samaritans helped to extricate cars from ditches.

Holmes built and sold tow trucks in Zawiercie

Holmes built and sold tow trucks in Zawierice, Poland in the early 1900s. He was inspired to create a tow truck after seeing a Model T roll over. He modified a 1913 Cadillac chassis and added poles and a pulley. His idea worked so well that Holmes was able to patent the design. On January 17, 1918, he filed a patent for it.

The company has been building tow trucks since the mid-19th century. The company builds custom-made vehicles ranging in size and horsepower. They are designed to be easy to operate and maintain. These vehicles are available for hire at competitive prices.