Physical Signs of Cheating

What Are the Signs That Your Girlfriend Does Not Love You and Possibly Cheats on You?

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While for a long time, the opinion has strengthened in society that women suffer more from the loss of interest in them on men’s part, today’s realities show how women are catching up steadily. It takes two to tango, so if your girlfriend isn’t acting like she used to, look for the signs of a cheating girlfriend to find out if she’s still interested in a relationship with you.

Infidelity Statistics for Women

It shouldn’t catch you by surprise that women can be unfaithful, and although this still happens less often among the fair sex than among men, the gap between the sexes is gradually closing. To back this statement with facts, it is enough to look at the statistics of recent years. The growing financial independence of women is finally allowing them to demand that their emotional and physical needs be properly met. However, this often rebounds on relationships and an unwillingness to compromise.

Most Widespread Reason Why Women Cheat

No matter the public sentiment and shift to female empowerment, the vast majority of women still believe that cheating is categorically unacceptable in a relationship with a loved one. So what could push her to such a desperate step?

Your Partner Is Cheating

For starters, women are more inclined to be unfaithful to men who neglect their cravings. Usually, they describe it in general as “I’m not happy with him.” Unlike men, women want to share with someone their experiences, crises at work, or insecurities. If their emotional balance is very disturbed, they feel lonely, bored with household chores, and less than a desirable woman in the eyes of the man they love; this is where problems can begin.

How to Spot Cheating Signs in Your Girlfriend’s Attitude

Not all girls will cheat even with deep-hearted motives – while in some cases, we can talk about spontaneity if there is no great affection and deep feelings for a partner. Whatever it is, beware of these ambiguous signs of a cheating girlfriend:

  • she tries to find excuses to spend less time with you and behaves much more closed off
  • you have become the last person she tries to make laugh, wear a nice outfit for, or impress in any other way
  • she seems to be trying to stir up conflict and distance from you even more when you need her support
  • she stopped saying I love you or she says it like she doesn’t mean it
  • she becomes visibly nervous when you approach her device as if there is something there that should not get into your eyes

Still, your suspicions mean nothing unless they are backed up by facts. You can try to talk to her and get an explanation or take it upon yourself to verify the facts of infidelity.