When do orthodontists recommend braces?

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Braces are orthodontic devices used to correct the alignment of teeth and jaws. Some people get braces to improve their appearance, like smile correction, while others have serious dental issues that require long-term treatment with braces.

San Francisco is the technology hub of the world. The average cost of orthodontic treatment that includes braces san francisco is between $3000 and $7000. This cost varies significantly across people and is influenced by several variables. Nowadays, braces are of varied types. For example, people are increasingly opting for clear ceramic braces. The first ceramic braces were created by Polycrystalline alumina, a composite material used in ceramic braces, which can be made to match the color of your teeth. A wire links the separate brackets that can be made in various colors. This archwire can match the color of the brackets more closely by being frosted, white, or silver. An orthodontist then uses a thin metal wire to combine many transparent brackets. The brackets could appear tooth-colored if the light gets through. Ceramic braces are aesthetically better than theri metal counterparts.

Discussed below are different types of dental conditions that necessitate braces.


In San Francisco, malocclusions often manifest in youngsters between 6 and 12 or around the time when permanent teeth emerge. While many may be inherited, they can also be brought on by childhood behaviors like thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting. Overbite condition is when your upper teeth bite down on your lower teeth. It can cause problems with the jaw joint and may make it difficult for you to chew food. Braces help correct this condition.


Underbites can be caused by genetics or trauma. They’re more common in adults than children because they develop over time due to lack of exercise and excessive weight gain. If you have an underbite situation, chances are that your lower jaw is too far forward, and this causes the upper teeth to bite into the lower lip.

A standard treatment for underbite involves wearing braces to straighten out your teeth and align them properly with your gums (sometimes called “retainers”). The length of time taken to correct this condition depends on the severity and whether other orthodontic concerns need addressing simultaneously, such as crowding.


The American Dental Association estimates that the cost of adult braces in San Francisco ranges from $4800 to $7135. Crossbite is a misalignment of the teeth that usually affects one or both sides. The upper teeth are positioned in front of the lower teeth. This can cause an overbite, or it can cause an underbite (biting on your tongue).


Misaligned teeth happen when your front teeth need to be correctly placed. Some instances of misalignment include overbite, underbite, and crossbite. These are usually caused by a condition known as “malocclusion,” which means that your teeth are not aligned and do not fit together correctly.

Orthodontists in San Francisco recommend wearing braces for a maximum of three years in any situation of teeth. Some other reasons why people need braces to correct their alignment problems include the following:

  • The baby tooth does not fall out on time.
  • The adult molar grows too much.
  • A severe accident occurred, causing damage to your jawbone or facial structure.
  • Your tongue pushes against one side of the mouth due to congenital disabilities like cleft palate.

If you are eager to get braces, you should know it takes time. Braces are a long-term treatment, so you should wear them for a few months to years, as per the requirement.