FondMart Review

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FondMart is a global clothing wholesale and dropshipping platform that offers high quality wholesale clothing at the lowest prices. They have over 5,000 suppliers and update their inventory monthly with more than 1,000 new products. With a strong network of carriers, they deliver products to 195 countries around the world. Whether you’re looking for plus size clothing, women’s clothing, or even unique occasion apparel, FondMart is the place to go. As an added bonus, FondMart pays its ex-chain suppliers a fair price for unsold items.

FondMart is a global clothing wholesale and dropshipping platform

FondMart is a global wholesale plus size clothing suppliers platform and has more than 200,000 products from over 5,000 suppliers and 15,000 designers. The website offers quick and easy shipping and high-quality products from discount producers. Its powerful data analysis team helps buyers find the best suppliers and products to sell.

FondMart has developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of wholesale women’s clothing and is an innovator in the field. It supplies on-pattern styles to numerous high street brands, retailers, and design sites. It handles every stage of the inventory network, from tech packs and decorations to mass apparel creation and quality control appraisals.

It offers plus-size clothing

FondMart is an online store that specializes in plus-size apparel for women. Its wide selection of fashion-forward plus-size clothing is available at wholesale prices. You can also customize your order for added value. The company also offers a wide variety of styles and brands to choose from.

FondMart offers plus-size clothing from Chinese suppliers. These Chinese suppliers have extensive inventory and a high production speed. Moreover, they are known for offering excellent customer service. They also offer dropshipping services for plus-size apparel and are available to all states and territories. Their inventory includes the latest designs and styles from independent brands.

It has a fast supply chain

FondMart has a fast supply chain that enables it to serve more brands than it could handle before. Based on a 10-year supply chain precipitation, its door-to-door service is now 45 days, up from 90 days before. One successful customer reported an increase in monthly sales of 10 percent and doubled its staff, while another doubled the number of products from 500 to 2000.

To ensure the quality of its products, FondMart implements a rigorous supplier selection process. By doing so, it can control the risks involved in a transaction. Moreover, it uses internal quality assurance teams to ensure that all products sold are of high quality. It also has a strict policy for product returns.

It has a large selection

If you are a retail store owner looking for a reliable dropshipper, FondMart is a great choice. It has a large selection of products and can help you sell the latest fashion brands from around the world. It also allows store owners to import exclusive clothing lists. For example, Phils, a full-time shopify store owner in California, has been using FondMart for three months and has seen an increase in his orders of 50%. Norah, a wholesaler with an offline store in Texas, is also a fondMart user.

The company started in 2017 by Helen Walsh, who organized products with suppliers in Los Angeles. She accidentally discovered FondMart.com in summer 2021 and decided to check it out. Since then, the site has become a hit in the online retail market.