Role of Mobile Learning in Today’s Education System

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Students have various methods to complete their education and learn anything via various methods. Online education has given students so many options that the statement- “due to lack of resources education can’t be completed”, has become a joke. Among so many mediums, m-learning or mobile learning is a form of distance education which can be accessed 24×7 from anywhere from mobile devices like android phones & tablets. School managements these days are opting for innovative tools like school ERP. Mobile learning has brought silver lining in the sky for the students when backed up by school ERP in the education system. This type of learning has dual benefits, first is this type of learning is free from boundaries of place and time and the second is medium of learning which can be carried easily anywhere in the form of mobile and study can be performed through it easily. A student can open his mobile and tablet anywhere because they are easy to carry and via online or through flash drives the student can study whatever he wants. People never leave home without a mobile , hence such a device which is so essential for humans. A student can continue his studies even after school or college and he had no dependability on libraries because mobile learning has provided a 24×7 library to the student where they get information from limitless resources and that too related to all the subjects.  

Now why a student will choose m-learning first among so many other easy ways to study. Let’s understand in following point:

  • As it is mentioned in the beginning of this article that most of the time owners of mobiles always keep their mobiles with them. That means they also carry a medium or resource of learning along with them everywhere they go. They have freedom to attend their studies anytime & anywhere.
  • Mobile learning is a medium or tool of learning where students get proper feedback from their peers and their tutors as well. Feedback is very necessary for the students in order to enhance their wish to learn and boost their morale. Through mobile learning students don’t have to wait for the feedback from the tutor the next day, instead they get to know their best and worst immediately and it saves their time in order to make them improve their performance.
  • If we talk about students then it is obvious that two students can’t be the same in the matter of intelligence hence their grasping power will also be different.
  • M-learning is providing not only data and information instantly to the students and learners but also giving a new path towards various and new sectors of career. Today students are not dependent upon their parents, instead creative content writing and transcription are the best options for the students to learn and earn through mobile learning.

Whenever one launches anything related to public or mass it needs attention of that mass and that is why m-learning also needs platforms. Integration of mobile learning and ERP for schools has increased the learning ability of the students. ERP for school has facilitated the school management to collect data of the students through a mobile learning process. Through m-learning teachers are also performing online teaching efficiently with the help of online classes apps. Online teaching through online classes app makes study mobile and easy to access. So, Various online teaching apps are those platforms especially designed to gather those study materials at one place where students can study comfortably without any problem and also can find details regarding the desirable topic as much easily as they can.

M-learning provides a student with all the modern and specific facilities which could never have been imagined before such as if you want someone to remind you for your scheduled online class you can set reminders and if one could not attend the lecture then he/she can see the lecture afterwards in recorded format. Through m-learning a student gets rid of traditional methods of learning i.e., by shuffling the pages and searching any content for hours. Here first of all he will not have spent any time searching for content, just put whatever you want to search in the search bar and in a jiffy, content will be in front of eyes. M-learning has taught students that if they have zeal to learn then m-learning can provide knowledge anywhere just they need to muster the courage. Even students can research on the topics they are learning and can find new facts other than limited knowledge of their book. Also a variety of study material gives them a chance to gather the best and prominent data regarding their subject and topic which they want to study.